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Nanofabrication and Clean-Room

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NCMN Nanofabrication Central Facility provides state-of-the-art instrument for designing, fabricating, characterizing and testing of complex nano/micro-scale structures and devices.  All these advanced tool sets are housed within the 4000 sq. ft. clean room at the Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research Center. The facility opens to all UNL researchers as well as external (including private sector) researchers for carrying out their research projects in physics, chemistry, nano/microelectronics, MEMs/NEMs, nano-bio, and other related and interdisciplinary areas.  Staff support is available for training, process consultation, and collaboration on new process development.

- Electron Beam Lithography System (EBL)
- Laser Lithography System (DWL66 -FS)
- Mask Aligner (MJB-4)
Focused Ion Beam
- FEI Strata 200xp Focused-Ion Beam (FIB) Workstation
- Reactive Ion Etching System (Trion Minilock-Phantom III )
- Wet Etching Bench
- Stylus Profilometer (Dektak-XT)
- Film Thickness Measurement System (Filmetrics F40)
- Optic Microscope (Nikon L200N)
- Resistivity Measurement Stand (Lucas 302)
Wafer Processing
- Spinner (Laurell WS-400-6NPP)
- Hot Plate (Super Nuova 120)
- Oven (Thermo Scientific 3492M)
- UltraSonic Cleaner (Brason 2510)