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Central Facility for Microelectronics

This facility, housed in a class-100/1000 cleanroom, supports a reasonably complete range of microelectronic processing capabilities. It is run on a user-fee basis, with access to all Brown faculty and outside users, with a couple of local high-tech start-up companies typically maintaining access privileges (requiring insurance and appropriate safety training) with established user fees. In 2009-2010, the facility supported over 100 users from 25 research groups. The facility has a full-time research engineer (Michael Jibitsky) to maintain and upgrade its equipment and train new users, and a faculty director (Rashid Zia).

Current capabilities include:

  • -optical lithography down to ~1 μm minimum feature size (Karl Suss 4" mask aligner);
  • -optical low-resolution lithography system from Oriel Instruments, capable of using transparency masks and handling large (up to 5")
  • -substrates;
  • -reactive ion etching in chlorine and fluorine chemistries (Trion and Plasmatherm tools);
  • -plasma-enhanced CVD of oxides and nitrides (Plasmatherm 790);
  • -ion-beam assisted deposition of dielectric films, including high-reflectivity multilayer dielectric mirrors (Oxford Instruments);
  • -wet processing;
  • -low-pressure CVD and thermal oxidation furnaces;
  • -electron-beam evaporation metallization (Temescal CV-14 and Lesker Lab 18);
  • -RF magnetron sputtering (Lab 18); -rapid thermal annealing; -surface profilometry and ellipsometry.