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Regional Materials Network Workshop

Monday, December 9, 2013 - 13:15 to 19:15
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One goal of this workshop is to learn as much as possible about resources and needs at regional institutions.  We are lucky enough to have participants from a wide range of institutions, include multiple companies, UW systems schools, and national laboratories.  We would therefore like to reach out directly to all of you and ask if you would be interested in presenting some information on your institution’s resources and needs.  While a broad perspective is wonderful, we realize that a full assessment of resources and needs is a major task at a large institution, so please don’t feel that a polished and comprehensive presentation is expected.  Even if you have a personal perspective on a few areas where you think your institution could contribute or benefit from a regional network, e.g., equipment or computing resources you have to share or might need, we would greatly value your thoughts.