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November 2005 Directors' Meeting

Thursday, November 17, 2005 - 23:00

November 17, 2005
5:30 - Executive Board Meeting (Location: Rockbottom Restaurant and Brewery, Ballston Common Mall across from NSF, enter at street level and go straight back to restaurant).
There will be no general gathering of the directors this evening.
November 18, 2005
General MRSEC Directors Meeting (NSF Stafford I, Science Board Room 1235)

8:00 Continental Breakfast/Informal Discussions
8:30 Opening Remarks - Maija Kukla, Tom Rieker, Ulrich Strom, NSF
8:45 NSF Perspective - Tom Weber, NSF
 New MRSECs  
9:00 Yale University - Center for Research on Interface Structure and Phenomena ??? Director: John Tully
9:20 University of Washington - Genetically Engineered Materials Science and Engineering ??? Director: Mehmet Sarikaya
 NSF Sponsored NRC Study On MRSECs  
9:40 Lance Haworth, NSF - Introductory Remarks
9:45 Matthew Tirrell, Chair NRC Study - University of California at Santa Barbara
10:15 NRC Instrumentation Study ??? Frank Di Salvo, Cornell University
10:45 Break
Science Lectures  
11:00 Derek Lovley, University of Massachusetts - The Microbe Electric: Microbial Nanowires, Fuel Cells, and Electron Transfer onto Metals with Geobacter
11:30 Heinrich Jaeger, University of Chicago - Dense Packings and the Jamming Transition
12:00 Lunch/Working Groups (Room 1060 - one working group; Room 1235 - three working groups; lunch on your own - working lunch
Interagency Opportunities  
1:30 Opportunities in Biology and Medicine - Fei Wang / Christine Kelley, NIH
2:00 Patricia Dehmer, DOE - Energy Initiatives
2:30 Discussions
3:00 Business Matters, Working Group Reports
3:30 Adjourn