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MRSEC Education Directors Meeting, Princeton, N.J.

The findings and recommendations of the MRSEC's Education and Outreach activities noted in the National Academy of Sciences Report, "Looking Back, Moving Forward" reveal both areas of strength and areas that can be improved.

The goal of our meeting in Princeton is to draft a plan to address the recommendations. It has been suggested that we follow the Program Action Logic Model developed by the University of Wisconsin - Extension's Program Development and Evaluation Unit to provide a common way of describing and assessing our programs. It will help us to define outcomes and determine which of our programs are achieving those outcomes.

If used properly, we can identify how to best assess our programs, as well as where our commonalities lie. We will also end up with a collective document to present to NSF that illustrates how we think of the education programs, what programs we may need to develop, what programs can be dropped, etc. plus a plan to go about evaluating common and individual programs. It will help present a unified plan while addressing each of the topics of the work groups - evaluation, diversity, and science content.

Prior to meeting in September and with our workgroups, please discuss the findings and recommendations of the NRC report as they pertain to your workgroup theme. Identify the issues and prioritize them and any ideas to address these issues.

During the September meeting workgroup leaders will be asked summarize these discussions and report on them. Using this information, we will develop our plan for the MRSEC Education programs.


Program format:

  • Sunday evening: Welcome reception
  • Monday: Full Day-Plenary session then smaller workgroup break-out sessions
  • Tuesday: Full Day-working together and in smaller workgroup break-out sessions
  • Wednesday morning: Wrap-up and farewells
Presentations from the meeting