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All Events in 2005

Jan 27-28   Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Workshop on Strongly Correlated Electronic Materials

Jan 29-Feb 2  University of California, Santa Barbara, Corwin Pavilion
Materials Research Outreach Program Symposium 2005 (MROP 2005)

May 18-20   ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research Laboratory, Annandale, NJ
Workshop on Frontiers of Soft Condensed Matter

May 23-24   Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
2005 Polymer Outreach Symposium

Nov 17-19   University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Focusing Stress in a Soft Interface

The workshop covers liquid surfaces, liquidlike membranes and solid membranes equally. At a fluid interface or in a solid film, gentle structureless forces can produce striking concentrations of stress and singular shapes. Examples are the crumpling of a sheet of paper, the spontaneous folding of layer-forming surfactants in monolayers or in bulk, or the formation of sharp points and filaments in fluids under stress. In all these phenomena, the ability of the interface to bend into the third dimension acts in concert with interfacial stress to enable focusing. Many new phenomena of this sort have been revealed and have been shown to obey asymptotic scaling laws that lends insight into the essential nature of the focusing process. Often understanding is lacking or fragmented. The purpose of this workshop is to examine these phenomena from a common point of view, in order to unify our understanding.

Dec 2   Harvard University, Boston, MA
25th New England Complex Fluids Workshop

Dec 2  Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
1st New York Complex Matter Workshop