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Program Highlights

July 24, 2014

Heterogeneously integrated ferroelectric optical modulator on silicon with high Pockels’ coefficient

The collaboration among Hong Tang, Charles Ahn, and Fred Walker’s groups recently realized a new type of electro-optic modulator based on epitaxial ferroelectric BaTiO3 on silicon. A very high Pockels’ coefficient, up to 213 pm/V, was demonstrated, a record value that is more than six times larger than found in commercial optical modulators based on lithium niobate. The monolithically integrated BaTiO3 optical modulators show modulation bandwidth in the gigahertz regime, which is promising for broadband applications. 

June 30, 2014

Observation of a Dissipation-Induced Classical to Quantum Transition

We study a novel dynamical phase transition of light, where photon-photon interactions and dissipation into the environment are key aspects of the physics. Together they give rise to a transition from a region of classical behavior into a regime where quantum effects dominate.