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Welcome to the internet hub of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSEC). This website provides organized information and resources at the various MRSECs for the international scientific, industrial, and educational materials research and development communities.

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April 16, 2014

Transparent Displays Enabled By Resonant Nanoparticle Scattering

Transparent displays have many useful applications: one may turn a regular window into a projection screen, or display navigation and dashboard information while looking through the windshield of a car or plane. A number of technologies have been developed aiming at a subset of these applications, but each method has certain limitations. Researchers in the MIT MRSEC have developed a new type of transparent display using resonant nanoparticle scattering. Transparent Displays Enabled By Resonant Nanoparticle Scattering thumbnail
April 16, 2014

Better Batteries Through Biology

Lithium-oxygen batteries have a great potential to enhance the gravimetric energy density of fully packaged batteries by 2-3 times that of lithium-ion cells, thus greatly increasing the range of electric vehicles. Better Batteries Through Biology highlight thumbnail image