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A Collective Collaboration

How NSF’s decades-long materials science program has fostered partnerships across scientific fields.

Recent Program Highlights

In Through the Looking Glass, Alice steps through a mirror into a world in which everything is its mirror image. Realizing that writing in books is reversed, Alice wonders what has happened on the atomic scale. “Perhaps Looking-glass milk isn't good to drink?,” she says to her cat.
New model systems of liquid protein assemblies offer insights into naturally-occurring counterparts.
Electricity is the flow of charged particles through a material, such as a wire — a process that resembles a river of water molecules flowing through a canyon. But are the charged particles positive or negative?

Duke University - NC State University - UNC Chapel Hill - NCCU

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ohio State University

Pennsylvania State University

University of California at Santa Barbara

University of Chicago

University of Colorado Boulder

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