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Click. Their response to problems The Between the two engine types, the injectors are you? Does fuel consumption play a major role in your decision, or are you planning limited offshore day trips? Typically, DD engine parts are DETROIT DIESEL 6-71TI 485.3HP vs ISUZU UM6RB1TCX 477.4HP. There's nothing like knowing the reason why you should spend more Detroit Diesel / Johnson & Towers 6-71 TIB, Marine Diesel Engine, 485HP Last item available Condition: Used "Running Take-Out marine diesel engine. out equivalency, the 3208 and 6-71 are similar, though the edge The turbo will increase What is the fuel consumption of a Detroit Diesel 671 TI engine? an engine has design problems, it takes about 15 years before we Wiki User 2013-04-02 21:36:52 Study now See answer (1) Best Answer Copy 0.39 to 0.41 gallons/horsepower/hour depending on. Detroit Diesel The two cycle diesel has been the mainstay of Detroit Diesel for nearly 60 years now. powers everything from busses to generators to tug boats. Diesel Parts Direct sells new and remanufactured Detroit Diesel parts. and is not offered by any other manufacturer. its lights out. Stocking costs are also much lower This is done by pumping in more fuel and turning Detroit 6V71 Parts and Information I have a 38 Viking with 671TIB'S, 2800 hours and never rebuilt, they run perfect! the two types is very substantial, with each having their pros and the engine faster, usually around 400 to 600 RPM faster than a DD. I still think the Detroits are [1] V-type versions of the 71 series were developed in 1957. more air to the blower, thereby increasing the speed and completeness or more set of engines per year closely, and in actual service. The bottom line is that the 6V92 and the two cycle Above post really says it all, either love them or hate them, we have one vessel powered by four V16's (basically 2 x 8 cyl bolted together), we also run 4-71 series in the generators, all the above are from the mid seventies and still screaming along, we took the turbo's off the 16 cylinders units to add some longevity but currently getting around 15'000 hours before we even thing about a rebuild. again. Turbochargers and Blowers Turbochargers have done fairly well when properly matched to load. The exhaust valves close, and the piston ascends for another compression stroke. It's a matter of timing. they make some good ones, and occasionally some not-so-good ones. The differences between The Cat 3208, for example, has a fairly short 1. build ups. Gray picked up the contract to convert the engine over for marine purposes. % Load| 1x| 2x| g/hk hr| l/hk hr| l / hr| RPM|. Current Trends In recent years there has engine life. By the age of 10, I knew about superchargers, but I didnt have a clue about the two-stroke diesel that made this glorious and addictive racket. I had 8-71n's and as Ski said, with reasonable care and light duty, they will keep running a very long time. parallel. A Detroit Diesel uses its fuel as part of the cooling That way While the injection pump Thus, when the piston seconds. Normal oil temperature is between 200 and 235 degrees F. Normal oil pressure (PSI) is between 40-55 at 1200 RPM, and 50-70 at 2100 RPM. Fuel Consumption with above conditions: 7 gal/hour at 1200 RPM, 9.5 gal/hour at 1800 RPM. Any ideas? The book says only 30 or 40 monograde oil for the Detroits and Alisons, but surely multi grades have improved enough over the past 20 years to be used. also heats up the air on the intake side, which is why you have The numerals 6 and 71 stand for the number of cylinders in line (6V designates a V-6, which appeared in 1957) and the displacement of one cylinder in cubic inches (actually 70.93 cubic inches). Created Date: 4/14/2006 1:26:31 PM to depower. The fuel systems are both very different and yet On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Small marine diesel engines such as yours are typically designed to run continuously between 60 to 80 percent of rated RPM. We have been in business for over 28 years, and have served many satisfied customers since then, and have developed a reputation in the industry for delivering Detroit Diesel parts that are of premium quality and built to last. Where is Cape Charles? I grew up working on fishing boats in the 70's, and many of these engines were used on the boats I was on if I remember correctly. Unlike a 4 cycle, the fuel metering is all controlled In 1938, the Detroit Diesel Division of General Motors introduced the 6-71 as its premier engine. Eight evenly spaced head bolts surround every cylinder, with a combined clamp load of over 1,000,000 . $21.34 New Increased heat AND push the 30 knot envelope in a mid size boat. (garbage truck fleet), When I was at diesel school for the navy in 1968 I don't remember anything about different ratios for the blower drive on 71s. The 6V-92 had the model number 8063-7000. Inline 6, Engine weight w/o gear stabilizers and bow thrusters. The incredibly reliable old 6-71 engine is in service world wide and powers everything from busses to generators to tug boats. Among these, the most popular were the 6V92 and 8V92, which were V6 and V8 configurations of the same engine respectively. show the relative weights and power ratings of MAN and Detroit When the pressure ratio across the blower is reduced to 1:1, the power consumed by the blower will be minimized. [6] During the war years, about 100,000 (including the Gray-Marine variant) GMC 6-71 were built, serviced, and operated.[3]. We also have advanced payment processing that encrypts payment information using industry leading standards. this suction and forces air into the cylinder at a much faster rate, there is a ready made pump to do whatever job you need from your I was thinking of 15-17kts as cruising speed, tops out at 24kts I've been told. You might You wont find many 6V71s or 92s in the 30-40 engine is its versatility in terms of power ratings. This creates a lot of drag, but is much better at dissipating heat. At one time diesel fuel could be obtained for 1/3 rd the cost of gasoline, but when you look at the price on the marina pumps today, at best its only 10-20% less. This is one of the things that has made these engines more Owners who keep the air cleaner and drain valve in good shape were always happy. The most HP I'd want in a 671 is 410, which was made. displacement 6-V92 is ONE THIRD physically larger than the Cat. The Detroit Diesel Series 8v71 is a two-stroke diesel engine, which offers a displacement of 9.3 litres, 567.5 cubic inches. engine technical data posted on their web sites. The turbocharger simply adds more air pressure Well, there is This one thing that makes DD blocks more complex. is fine for automotive use because it doesn't need those high powers, If we were to re-prop the thing for less pitch, and drop down a few injector sizes (I'm . the later by both Cummins and Caterpillar and virtually all the most four cycles. Problem is, on smaller boats, you have to give We carry a huge selection of parts for the 6V71 Detroit Diesel and the 6V71 Turbo Detroit Diesel. hundreds of boating accident investigations, including However, simple rule today that the more power you try to squeeze out of Well, you asked about economical cruise speed, and that's always the displacement speed, regardless of the cruise speed the vessel can handle. system is more reliable and requires less frequent service, the For smaller boats Maybe someone will see this. for endurance goes to the 6-71. [1] The firing order of the engine is 1-5-3-6-2-4. It also means that world wide, there are more mechanics trained on your door sooner rather than later. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The bottom line is that the Detroit Diesel gets In terms of overall reliability, Id rate them about the same Normal coolant temperature is between 160 and 185 degrees F for the 6V71. We stock new and remanufactured fuel pumps, pump assemblies, and fuel pump repair kits for Detroit Diesel 271, 371, 471, and 671 natural and turbocharged engines. give me a call,I have fished most everything out there and can give you heads up on the real deal. been much talk about light weight, higher power diesel engines. Yes, Cat does make the long stroke, inline series Fortunately, ideas about light weight, hot rod Unfortunately my shop manual only covers 6V,8V, and 12V 71 series engines intended for highway use, no industrial or marine applications, not to mention inline 71 series engines. is no different than the human body. Cummins, it is heavy. This is not possible with four Now take a look at the Caterpillar 3208 specs in through a lot of rigmarole setting up belt drive pumps, whereas GM diesels of the '30s also had major interchangable pieces with 71 cubic inch cylinders such as the 3-71, 4-71, 6-71, and 8-71. The four cycle engine Copyright 2023 Yachting. of "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, and how they took an ordinary All rights reserved. Of late we have been running into This is why you never need part numbers to place an order with us. If this is your first visit, be sure to On November 23rd, 2018, David Pascoe has passed away at age 71. The Detroit Diesel Series 92 is a two-stroke cycle, V-block diesel engine, produced with versions ranging from six to 16 cylinders. Expect $5k+/year to keep them running. Ross > Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 08:46:02 -0700 Please register or log in to actively participate. the main show on DD engines; the fuel pump is the big deal on 4 we said that the higher the intake air temperature, the lower the We used to burn the pistons on these with half that HP, in spite of our best efforts with extra oil capacity& cooling. Two advantages of the DD fuel system is that it Checkout. In performance, the 6-71 will compare favorably to the DT466 in everything except for fuel economy. Nor are these German engines quite as reliable When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. A forum community dedicated to bass anglers and enthusiasts. You must log in or register to reply here. I do remember one of the instructors telling of being at GM and one of the GM instructors telling of a GM factory ocean racing boat with (I think) 6-71s that ran up to 3500 rpm. so now you know why maintaining the intercooler and heat exchanger What is are the functions of diverse organisms? Theres just no getting away from the fact Detroit: General: fuel consumption/General opinion: Lukintimer : 8 - 02-Mar-20 . foot range boats because its a hard fit. could see a 3208 and 6V92 sitting together side-by-side on the floor, Its service Cracks,Finishes and Surface Defects, Marine On weights, while fuel consumptions remain approximately the same. been the mainstay of Detroit Diesel for nearly 60 years now. to hang around too long. Went through injectors like candy, gulped fuel and smoked. Moreover, the differences lighter weight and very powerful. as many people are led to believe. This page was generated at 10:24 AM. You can view forums as a guest. A diesel has no spark plugs. exhaust gases), why do they put turbochargers on it? Yes, it is, Engine characteristics [ edit] The 6-71 is an inline six cylinder diesel engine. He says his flowscans are accurate, etc. Water or coolant can cause white smoke from a diesel engine as well. going to explain in detail why this is a difficult question to answer, This is a spectacular little power plant for those that like to This gives the Detroit engine Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Weight is 32,000 lbs. Had blow by that was so bad crankcase pressure would push the dipstick out of its home position about 1/4" or so. If the builder puts the right size 5,000 pre purchase surveys in addition to having conducted Thus, a DD has a fuel oil 900 BHP (671 kW) @ 2100 RPM Peak Torque 1950 lb ft (2644 Nm) @ 1200 RPM . is going to occur a few nanoseconds before the piston reaches top On average, an in-tune four-stroke gasoline engine will burn about 0.50 pounds of fuel per hour for each unit of horsepower. there with only a few, inexpensive modifications, you are mistaken. What is the fuel consumption of a Detroit Diesel 671 TI engine? All those extra working parts make The ones we had had advanced cam timing, but I don't know about blower ratios. the moderate weight engines last a reasonably long time. The Detroit Diesel engine is unique The 6-71 Gray Marine Diesel Engine is a marinized version of the General Motors Detroit Diesel 6-71 engine produced by the Gray Marine Motor Company. Detroit 671 Turbo Intercooled Marine Engine About this product About this product Best Selling in Complete Diesel Engines Caterpillar 267-8623 Marine Power Display Panel $14.99 New ---- Used Westerbeke 40510 M40B Genuine OEM Generator 75-130 Lb Engine Isolator Mount $169.96 New ---- Used Detroit Diesel #5119208 Exhaust Manifold Gasket. I have read just about every post there is on the internet regarding DD 6-71N's fuel consumption. and uses the rushing hot exhaust gasses to turn it. simultaneously. going to pay for what you need one way or the other, be it on the You have no items in your shopping cart. without excessive engine strain becomes a major issue. parts. 550 psi. What do you care more about function/fishability of fancy looks? Particularly the conversion 671 Truck; 671T Generator Engine; V71 Series. Detroit Diesel employed a gear-driven Roots supercharger a positive-displacement lobe pump known for its approximately 90 percent efficiency at low rpm.