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Former tour rep Janine and her singing salesman husband Steve kick off in West Yorkshire with a German themed menu. 0% But Neal's jesting with his younger guests doesn't go down so well. Married couple Colette and Richard kick off the competition with their glitz and glam evening inspired by Colette's love of all things shiny. Joining them are chatterbox Dawn and her husband Keith and romantic couple Mark and Shaun. Straight-talking Jodie and mellow Rob take on middle-aged lovebirds Neil and Claire and ambitious Ben and Samara in Yorkshire, in an episode with huge portions, tarot cards and a glass eye, In Colchester, touchy-feely Yvonne and Neil compete against fitness fanatics Darren and Amy, and social worker Tony, who makes uncomplimentary comments about his partner Victoria. Day two, and it's over to glam duo Stuart and Jamie to try and better Kellie and Scott but when it comes to cooking steaks to order. In Essex, air stewardess Penny and her partner Chris kick off the competition by serving up a homely menu to guests 'bling'-loving Tatia and husband Mick, and young duo Lewis and Krystal. Awkward moments continue when Luke discovers a hair in his starter. Couples Come Dine with Me: Yorkshire Couples Come Dine with Me (2017) Reality show | UK. In Plymouth, beauty therapist Christine and fianc Kevin surprise their guests with a menu even Christine herself isn't sure of. Their first guests are newlyweds Sam and Emma, followed by dinner party enthusiasts Alex and Richard. In the Lake District, Paul and Glenda in their static caravan are the first hosts, welcoming self-confessed gadget geek David and partner Jane, plus outdoorsy 20-somethings Matt and Polly. The third couple are Lehandra and Joe, who have only been dating for five months, and have never thrown a dinner party together before. Competitive dining gets personal as each pair have to work together to score the highest marks and take home the cash prize. Harry and Charlotte assume the menu will be from the Soviet Bloc and are not looking forward to it, while Nick and Dinara are certain none of the group will have tasted their food before - let alone be able to pronounce it. On the last day, Alex and Richard are calm, collected, and on the ball. Competitive Leanne and Gary host on night two, but when they stuff their starter with three whole packets of blue cheese, are they taking a risk too far? Jan and Anton host first in Birmingham, with a Spanish menu, before Chris and Kelly and Bally and Manjeet take their turns entertaining the others in the hope of winning 1,000. Queen and Shawn kick off with a menu inspired by their Thai and West Indian heritage, Suzy and Paul cook up a fancy French feast and fun-loving Charlotte and Kevin rustle up some trendy Japanese grub. Web designer Danny and his wife, compliance manager Holly, kick off the week in Northampton with a Tex Mex menu. Finally, it's the turn of Sabbi and Ashley to host with an Indo-Caribbean fusion they think is destined to win them the 1000. But Liverpudlians Nycola and Andy begin to tire of Emma's energy. Happy-go-lucky hosts Jim and Justine kick off this competition from Portsmouth. In Newcastle, Sharna and Silvar are first to host with a menu of family favourites. Married couple Caroline and Steve, newly engaged Jade and Seb and married co-workers Bev and Nick vie for the crown and the cash in Plymouth. In Bromley, Ryan and Julie's food fails to wow, with one guest comparing the main to vomit! The night goes well, until Liz suggests a game of 'guess the age'. In this episode from Stoke, quirky young lovebirds Patrick and Lizzie host their first ever dinner party with an 'eclectic' menu. But the starter doesn't impress Rosie and her partner Sam who compare it to cutting into vomit! In and around Newcastle, Jamie and Georgi think Laura and Kevin's steak and chips is too basic, but is that just their posh palette? Couples Come Dine with Me is back, and this episode comes from east Kent, where outspoken estate agent Sean and his girlfriend Beth kick off the competition with a Welsh themed menu. The cooking contest moves to Lincolnshire, with former soldier Scott and partner Clare kicking off the week, followed by Su and Dylan, and ending with ex-army couple Adele and Dave. And the 1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings Britain's best amateur bakers compete in the iconic white tent - all united in their aim to prove their baking skills and impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, Celebrity contestants host dinner parties as they compete to bag a 1000 cash prize for their chosen charity, Celebrity bakers enter Britain's most famous tent and put their skills to the test, as they Stand Up To Cancer and inspire viewers to do the same, Harry Hill hosts the junior version of the baking competition. But professional footballer Gary seems to prefer bickering with Linda, his wife of nine years, to being lovey-dovey. Farm-dwelling self-confessed recluses Nikki and Clive kick off in East Anglia with their first ever dinner party, vying with Lloyd and Molly's Thai menu and seasoned hosts Pete and Kirsty. In Hampshire, James and Victoria have chosen a menu themed around their favourite holiday destination of Spain. The first couple to tee off are golf fanatics Sam and his cabin crew wife Kelly and they're hoping that a golf-themed menu will score them a hole in one - but it could all turn into a bit of a bogey. This episode from East Anglia features a performance from unlikely rappers, a confusing spaghetti marrow main course, too many cooks and a fire alarm. But outspoken duo Jane and John are not loving the modern twists, while German-born romantic author Delilah, and her Irish boyfriend Laurence, love it so much they start feeding each other at the table, much to the horror of their hosts. Day two sees the turn of the Judith and Charlene to host, and it's an evening full of revelations. It looks like we don't have any synopsis for this title yet. Day two sees refined duo Judy and Will attempt to woo their guests with a fresh healthy menu. In Grimsby, straight-talking Mel and partner Patrick host guests seasoned ravers Vanessa and Steve, and lovebirds Amber and Ryan who raise eyebrows with their coordinated pink attire. In Liverpool, Ste and Danielle try to impress with their American themed menu. zatarain's chicken fry mix ingredients New Lab; brown service funeral home obituaries; orange high school graduation 2021; the dragon paper airplane; couples come dine with me blackpool holly. Newlywed am-dram lovers Mel and Richard raise the curtain for this competition in Belfast. Have they done enough to win the cash? Finally, it's Ari and Amanda's turn to impress with an evening of fine dining, and the guests are impressed from the off by the size of their hosts' house. . Greater Manchester is the location for three couples to host a trio of dinner parties. They are joined by foodie couple Jake and Emily, and party-lovers Chantell and Lisa. All are great cooks and excellent hosts - but they're all very different. On the second night, Brian and Victoria host with a `vaguely' Scottish theme, but things don't exactly go as planned when Andrew reveals he doesn't like spice or lentils, both of which are on the menu. Fiances Lindsay and Tara, who have been together seven years, are second to host, and some of Lindsay's jokes don't go down too well with all of the guests. Their eccentric menu reflects their unconventional approach to life. Danielle has a hidden talent that leaves the guests gawping. Suzanne's determined to win, but will Simon prove a hindrance when things hot up in the kitchen? Engaged couple Anita and Cash get the ball rolling in north London, with a menu drawing on their Indian heritage. The host with the most points at the end of the week wins 1,000 pounds. Finally, it's Richard and Sonya's turn to shine with their Irish themed menu. First to host in Ashford, Kent, are Francophiles Stephanie and Ian who amaze their guests by living in a tiny version of the Palace of Versailles. Day two is the turn of happy campers, Oli and LC, who cook a fully vegetarian menu, and welcome their guests for drinks in a specially erected festival tent. Home / / couples come dine with me blackpool holly. This all new episode comes from West Sussex, where married couple Bettina and husband Giovanni start the contest with an Italian themed menu. Day Two sees an organised Penny taking charge in the kitchen, while it's left to Thom to lower the tone by announcing that Penny takes pictures of her poo. In Belfast, Sarah and Paddy kick things off with a fine-dining feast. Day two sees Michael and Jenni host. They use a mixture of dressing up, stripping off and wacky voices combined with homely food to try and win the prize. Having had enough of her wittering on, Charlene confronts Mandi around the table and Stephen shares his first impression of meeting Judith and Charlene, while Judith treats everyone to her 'Beautiful Swan' song. In Swansea, married couple Leanne and Senol kick off with a feast of Turkish food, which hits the spot for Paul and Verity - but Catrin and Josh dislike the hosts' meaty main course, In east Kent, dinner party veterans Mike and Helenor kick off with a sophisticated menu including wild garlic from the local churchyard and a risky bonus ingredient of sweetbread. But with their prawns still frozen, it's not a journey everyone wants to go on. Has it scuppered their plans for bagging the grand? Then there're caravan enthusiasts Jane and Colin and 24-hour party people Rachel and Dave. In Belfast, Leeann doesn't enjoy Gemma and Jim's healthy food, or even her own takeaway-inspired menu. In Hertfordshire, Sinead and partner Tony lay on a Gaelic feast and there's a non-stop fun factory from Tony as he attempts silly dances, silly jokes and silly accents! On night two, Maggie and Rick turn the clock back 500 years with a Tudor evening featuring a menu of wild boar pt and beef cheeks. In East Anglia, ultra-competitive Kim and Martin, landscape gardeners Debbie and Richard, and gadget kings Jamie and Mark compete in a week featuring collapsing food and kitchen shortcuts. Come Dine with Me Couples - Newcastle Today's show heads to the Newcastle area where three rival couples battle it out to host the best dinner party and win a 1000 cash prize. Next up, Chris and Hilary are convinced that no one can beat their idyllic holiday park setting and their flavoursome but healthy menu. Dinner party novices Ricky and Becca struggle in the kitchen with a Thai-themed banquet. The new series continues in Blackpool, Lancashire, where former dancer Rowan and businessman John meet competitive Holly and Ollie, and Sally and Joanne in their matching tie-dye outfits. They are joined by sprightly couple Shannon and Max, and loved-up partners Charlotte and Russ. Night two sees Michael and Laura reliving their Ibizan wedding with a Spanish themed menu, although after his performance on night one, it's fair to say David wouldn't have made Laura's guest list given the choice! The night begins in smashing fashion with an unexpected crockery disaster. But Georgia upset Chris and Hilary at their place and the knives are out. Day two is the turn of German born Kat, and her partner Scott, an RAF air cadet trainer. Day two sees an international-themed menu being served up, while a menu of hearty cuisine and obscure meats are prepared on the final night. Joining them are Mel and Tony and Sarb and his wife Jasbir. German-born Rosie and husband David have been married for 25 years, and are as loved-up now as the day they met. In Hull, image-conscious Jay and Heather kick off the competition with a menu inspired by their love of American food. But will their effort to win the grand be de-railed by Bonita's outspoken comments and Tony's love of army style 'banter'? Dinner Parties are given the Come Dine With Me treatment as couples have to host the perfect night. Nicky and Lee 's night features scallops with a white chocolate foam and Lee dressing as a hotdog. Karl and Mukta serve an Indian menu, while Karl reveals a love for birds and one of the party's past as a strippergram comes to light. Night two and it's the turn of the tribal elders Julie and Keith. And will gym bunnies Neil and Emma have a cheat day? But can Simon turn on the charm enough to impress his guests and bag the cash prize? Am dram enthusiasts Hilary and Rowan get the competition underway with Hilary taking control in the kitchen. Union J singer Jaymi Hensley, TV presenter Gail Porter and ex-EastEnders actor Ricky Groves team up with their partners and compete to be the best dinner hosts. Night two sees bohemians Brian and Mandie decide that a festival theme is the way to the grand. Channel 4 | E4 | BBC America | Air Date: August 18, 2010 Starring: Dave Lamb Summary: This week, the hosts include an infamous drag queen and a B&B landlady. But will it be Happy Days or will the guests be All Shook Up? Also vying to win are Sally and Joanne who hope to impress their guests with an unusual menu that features a Tandoori Tower and a belly-busting breakfast, before competitive duo Holly and Ollie pull out all the stops in an attempt to secure the cash. godfrey funeral homes; pierre engvall giraffe; Stars Dave Lamb Holly Blake Joanne See production, box office & company info Add to Watchlist Photos Add photo Top cast Dave Lamb Self - Narrator Night two sees hosts Dennis and Tina bring some razzle dazzle to proceedings but former news reporter Keith and wife Jane prove hard to please. Day two sees Steven and Claire's German-inspired menu. Downloads only available on advert-free plans. Night two is hosted by proud parents Sophie and Elliot, but the other couples are not expecting much from the youngest pair. Be the first to contribute. In Berkshire, beauty therapist Emma and boyfriend Sean kick off the week with an OMG night of acronyms, pet names and fine food. They are joined by pescatarian Carl and his wife Sue, and local girl Vikki and her Geordie boyfriend Lee. Finally, it's retro-loving Terri and David's chance to bring back the 70s to try to bag the grand. With the hosts feeling the pressure as the 'lamb-off' reaches its conclusion, will their different takes on the meat snatch them the victory or leave them feeling sheepish? . In north London, married couple Elorm and Mimi are confident that their Afro-fusion menu and some Afro-beats will see them triumph. North Wales: Well-to-do country types Des and Jo kick off the week. Tina and Lance plan a 'sharing-and-caring' menu, but James and Louisa keep putting their foot in it. Day two sees Shawn and Kendra cooking up dishes inspired by their travels and a dessert reflecting their Canadian heritage. Becci and Ashley host their first dinner party, and husbands Gary and Simon attempt to out-do them all. The first hosts in Liverpool, Jude and her husband Malcolm, hope that a selection of their restaurant favourites will win them the prize, but as the evening pans out, Malcolm turns out to be less of a help and more of a hindrance. In the West Country, handyman Sam and his wife Kate, festival lovers Aron and Kath, and Colin and Kate compete in a week featuring disastrous dishes and a peculiar pantomime performance. The North/South divide crops up but it's David and Fletch's conversation about poo that sends the party down the pan. First to host in Swansea and Bridgend are Kathy and Justin, who present a menu inspired by Kathy's Italian past. The competition reveals a love of a bargain, some strange fascinations, and a few discoveries in the closet. A new gadget sees the couple spiralise a courgette for the first time and they create the week's second entirely vegetarian menu. But their 'rations' style menu goes down badly with Kev and Chelsey. Show not available in country. Finally, it's the turn of Ian and Hannah, and Hannah reveals a very unique technique Ian uses to 'water' the veg they've just been eating - which causes a few raised eyebrows, as does a chat amongst the couples telling their partners what they'd most like to change about them. But Victoria and Andrew are left feeling worse for wear after a game of smoothie pong involving sprout juice, and Terri is less than pleased with the sportswear dress code. And someone's dessert almost goes up in flames! Finally it's James and Kate's chance to win with James taking centre stage. In the West Midlands, image-conscious couple Sarah and Jack kick off with a clean-living menu which is a little too healthy for the guests, but they all let loose at the silent disco. However it's not just the food that does the talking tonight. The final hosts, Alan and Elisa, have dished out blunt feedback all week, so their guests could be out for revenge. When Leanne can't stomach either the scallops or peas, the others are left wondering whether she'll be a handful all week. According to Lisa, Howard is so laid back he's almost dead! But will all the spice ruin their chances of winning the grand? couples come dine with me blackpool hollylondon knights prospect tournament roster. Contestants from the West Midlands compete for the cash prize of 1,000, with Rosie and Darren, Jamie and Alison, and Sean and Helen taking turns to try to make the best impression, Englishman Andrew and his Sweden-born wife Sophia kick off the competition in Glasgow, with a Swedish-inspired menu. In Swindon, fashion-conscious Carla and Hayley, who serve up a spicy, Caribbean-themed menu, are joined by self-confessed food snob Jeanette and husband Rob, plus lovebirds Tim and Kath. But will they be outdone by Emma and Simon's Jersey Bean Crock in an opulent country house setting? In West Yorkshire, looks are everything to glamorous couple Katie and Neil as they kick off the competition with a meal almost as beautifully presented as they are. But when well-to-do Graham and wife Sarah discover they're doing exactly the same dessert, the cheesecake war is on. With the food not universally loved, will that be enough to keep them in the running? On day two eyebrows are raised when baked beans are served with chives by Sue and Joyce. The show heads to South Yorkshire, where Phil and Kate get the competition started with a menu inspired by some of their most romantic meals. Kicking off the competition in Jersey are hairdresser Jade and her partner Harley. Reserved pair Lauren and Jack prepare a sophisticated menu reflecting the hosts' heritage in South Africa and Burma. In the Midlands, loud and proud duo Fay and Wayne kick things off with their comfy country cuisine, while Sam and Tony go all out to dazzle with a glitz and glamour themed soire. Three couples from south Wales compete to host the best dinner party and win the 1,000 prize, beginning with beautician Rachael and her partner Nick, who prepare a selection of dishes they've never made before. In Nottingham, Omer and his wife Adeeba, sustainable food growers Bobby and Alison, and Liz and Stuart compete in a week featuring experimental food, a compost loo and a stately home. Kicking off the competition in Blackpool are practicing Buddhist Antonio and ex-redcoat Jason. Finally, Rob still can't believe his luck in meeting his Lithuanian wife Egle and feels the need to regularly pinch himself whenever he looks at her. The second night sees married couple Ruth and her husband Martin present a traditional, romantic meal to their guests. Day two sees fireman Daz and his wife Kim hoping their combination of home cooked food and entertainment will win them the prize. Essex is the location for three couples to host a trio of dinner parties, including a pantomime-themed menu and an evening of north Indian cuisine, while a couple's joke at one guest's expense threaten to cost them valuable points? Three couples host dinner parties in Lincolnshire, with Lara and Greg, Jenna and Mitch, and Andrew and Liz all competing for the cash prize of 1,000. Fun-loving young couple Amy and Matt kick off the competition with a chaotic performance in the kitchen. In and around Bristol, DJ Syvieng and his partner Abbi create Thai classics, gym buff Adele and husband Dave are out of their comfort zone, and Jim and Sandra get into the swing of things. Dinner Parties are given the Come Dine With Me treatment as couples have to host the perfect night. This episode comes from Dartford and Beckenham, where Jamie and his fiance Carol kick off the competition with a party themed evening, inspired by their passion for all things 'crazy'. Also coming to dinner is 28-stone Eddie 'The Beast' Hall - Britain's strongest man - with wife Alex, and sport-loving Simon and Lauren. The second couple are 38 year-old travel agent Joanne and her 32 year-old partner Simon, and completing the line-up are housewife Helen and banking manager Adam. Lucy and Dewayne kick off the competition in Birmingham with a Brazilian-themed menu. Couples version of the cookery-based reality show. Beautician Rachel isn't keen on James and Louisa's kill-it-cook-it-eat-it theme in Kent. In Sheffield, there's non-stop bickering and an evening of romance as car salesman Paul and his partner Sara compete with newlyweds Russell and Shane and kooky duo Janine and Neil. The strategic ace up their sleeve is to try to make Maxine and Lee let their hair down a little. With the food going down a storm with most of their guests, they come up a little short on the hosting. But will it meet Jonathan and Keith's high standards? And there's an outburst over the Essex dialect during desert at Mike and Carol's. Or will they bring them home the grand? Finally, Chris and Barb rely on their years of hosting experience and their teamwork skills to deliver a tried and tested menu, and throw in a little something extra. This episode heads to the West Midlands for a confrontational three days. The starter is too hot to handle for Karla and Aiden, and eyebrows are raised when a little too much of host Delilah is revealed at dinner. In south east London, kicking off the week are business owner Max, and his wife, professional singer Janelle, whose family roots are behind a complex Caribbean menu. The series continues in Nottingham, where newlyweds Clare and Ric kick off the competition with an evening of traditional Italian cuisine. They're joined by professional Thai boxer Candy and her fellow fighter and partner Michael, who don't hold back when it comes to their opinions on the food, somewhat unsettling their hosts. After the hosts' comments last night, both couples are expecting everything to be homemade, leading to a dramatic revelation at dessert. In Newcastle, three rival couples battle it out to host the best dinner party. In Bournemouth, the first hosts are couple of 20 years Nikki and Steve. Paul Martin Air Date: February 4, 2005 tbd S1:E19. And Marjie and Matt push the boat out with a Titanic themed evening. In Brighton, will it be style-over-substance for young couple Hannah and Luke's ambitiously trendy menu? And will Sean's meat feast prove too much for squeamish Sophie? Party queens Soroya and Jodie serve up an unusual pie that horrifies super-confident Raj in Rugby. Partners Fiona and Hannah kick things off with their Moroccan-themed menu. Day two sees young music teachers Emma and Chris host. In County Antrim, newly-weds Rebecca and Gareth, Nel and Billy, and Mandy and Jim compete in a week featuring a Mexican fiesta, risky puddings and a vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables.