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But then again, dealing with false teachers is never pleasant. Circle C Ranch wouldultimately determinethe initial allegationswere false through its own internal investigation. First off, Pastor Michael has never preached or obviously practiced abstinence. You obviously only attended Pastor Pitts church as periodically and never really listened to what he preached theres no way you would be so foolish as you are now to touch Gods anointed. People imperonating others is in fact fraud, but more than this the word of God says, and I quote, touch not mine annointed and do my prophets no harm. hmmmmmmm thoughts to ponder!! Why dont you add the other stories like how the church gives away bikes, toys and other items to the inner city kids, all the donations the church makes and the good the church does for the city with programs like Project Breakthrough. Im not arguing with your choice to go there. Pettit Rieman has not responded to the USA TODAY NETWORKs multiple requests for comment. Matt, you SHOULD care about gossiping. Based upon his preachings, the whole congregation should be multi-millionaires. It detailed the Ranchsdenial of the allegationsand called the data found by theMinistrySafe investigationessentially meaningless.. I think you perhaps mean undergraduate degree because Ive never heard of anything called an understudy degree. That should tell people something right there. Cornerstone Church exists to help people find the Father, a family, and a fulfilling future. Quite the contrary, I believe he does more harm to the Body of Christ than good. Pastor Pitts is annointed, and a lot of people in Northwest Ohio are envious. Scandal and sin mark the head conference speakers: Jakes charges 50k for speaking engagements and has been in and out of the homosexual controversies for years now. Linda A. Smith, 63, of Holland, Erie County, who worked as Circle Cs business manager between 2005 and2006, said shefelt honoredto be working atthe Ranchwhen she was first hired. Actually, God did show the truth, they just choose to ignore it. Thanks, and yes, I have applied for disability (though that makes me feel like a jerk) but anyway, Im just waiting right now. TOLEDO, OH This will not be easy on the eyes. Nice try whoever you are. A legal warrant. I need to make one correction in my statements. #18 of 19 things to do in Maumee. That is simply an aspect of the case that has been passed along and like a game of telephone; the truth has been warped so uniformly that most believe the lie. Any reasonable person would do this seeing as he lives in Toledo. Marjorie Taylor Greenes Red/Blue National Divorce Looks an Awful Lot Like a Confederate Flag, Can Rage Fuel the Struggle for Justice? Hes completely unapproachable and has set up his organization so that the congregation worships him and not Jesus. [11], Pitts is the founder of "Heal The World", a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that activities include covering the cost of soup kitchen Thanksgiving meals,[12] collecting Bibles for US soldiers,[13] and partnering with Mercy Ministries. Cornerstone Church is a non-denominational church located in Toledo, Ohio. The truth is that God holds us and judges us and makes us accountable for our actions. Of those, 21women alleging abuse and 27 individuals offering additional corroborating informationagreed to have their accounts reflected in the final report. I completely agree with you. I honestly didnt even know what was happening to me, said Snell, now 21. That could have been anyone to have seen Pastor pantsless. I suggest you read your Bible. There will be false prophets, and we are never to follow man, but God only. Truth always outlives a lie. Its a vicious cycle of those individuals always feeling inadequate and that they have no faith. Who cares what kind of outward gifts he gives. The bible is very clear that its not what we do but what we belive that make us righteous. Best wishes to you in finding your answers. caused Mohlers faith in Mahaney to waver on iota. Yes I am. Havent they ready the first 5 chapters of Acts? A urine test confirmed Pitts was legally drunk although he told the court he only drank two glasses of wine. Also do you realize how much he preaches out in a year? Disgusting! How can anyone in their right mind ignore the Delta arrest? I found each of the women to be credible, saidattorney and founder of MinistrySafeKimberlee Norris, who haspracticed law addressing child sexual abuse for over 30 years. Please call 419-725-5000 if youd like to discuss further. And you go girl. God is the ultimate judge. Carolyn McDonald was one of the first women to make the Circle C board aware of her abuse allegations, in the form ofanemailonOct. 6. The specific authority in this case would be applied to the owner of this forum. He is a man, after all. Ive never said I thought he was arrogant or manipulative. My reference is based upon years of experience. In early 2021, The Chapelheld a members-only meeting to sharesome of the findingsand to announce the church wassuspendingall activities and financial ties to Circle C Ranch. He validated my life., In aApril 28 emailto the USA TODAY NETWORK, WayneAarum acknowledged that his conversationswithyouth group membersat The Chapel, meant to help them navigate their adolescent struggles, could have sometimes hurt (them) because of the listeners personal situation, he said." On the contrary, he is a manipulative, arrogant man. How can God bless Someone if they are living in Sin? I know for a fact that he offered no excuses for his actions. The trooper said he smelled alcohol, and did a field sobriety test. Actually, God did show the truth, they just choose to ignore it. Glitz and showmanship don't hide their greed. hmmmmmm, woulda never pegged her for a pastors wife, until I was actually told who she was. Thankyou Doug. He never gave them any inkling of an idea either, since he wanted to keep the door open for them so he would know what they were up to. Dont get your hackles up matthew and no name thats just my opinion. Pastor made no excuses for his actions and apolagized to the congregation. IT has been alleged by nearly a dozen victims that Matt Rasor has been GROOMING, SEXUALLY ASSAULTING, and DATE RAPING young boys and members of The Cornerstone Church Global Network. Pitts says hes done nothing wrong, despite the evidence. CEO of M.A.P.S. We can no longer afford silence while souls are being sifted like wheat with the help of false teachers. If you have anything to say thats worth while, and arent afraid to share your name and not be a coward. matthew! I will not validate thier slander with comment, suffice to say, the gentleman from NJ has a point and it should render this debate over the alleged dealings of one man moot. $$ - $$$ Mexican Southwestern Latin. May God richly bless you all! I value Pastor Michael enough that aside from preaching herasy, there is nothing that will keep me from being blessed by his ministry. ****There is soooo much more I could tell you about people and facts and craziness, but it would be a book****** He told me, My son has a problem, hes an idiot, and hes going to ruin this camp if he doesnt stop, Ferrante said. I dont expect anyone to understand the blessings of being a child of Abraham. Because this was a completely separate incident and Pitts did go to counseling for the Delta incident speaks volumes about the criminal case regarding his indecent exposure. NOT GODS!! All that matters now is that if this things are true is that Pastor Pitts ask for forgivenss and moves on. LOL, and youre not? And NO alibis for ANY of the sitings! May God Bless. He stood in harms way to protect Gods people, he faced death and peril to protect Gods peoplehe was righteous. Righteousnees seek the welfare of others more than the welfare of themselves. Michael did marry me and my husband and I attended all locations (Douglas, Byrne, Airport Hwy. As far as the exposure incidents go, he didnt have any excuses because he held to the fact that he was innocent. Example video title will go here for this video, Sentenced To Death: The murder that unsettled Arkansas. Circle C Ranch released its owninvestigation of the allegations at The Chapelon the Ranchs website in March 2021. They cared more about others than they did themselves. Church Online is a place for you to experience God and connect with others. Today, far too many called Christian clergy are spiraling headlong into perdition. The boys told the cops who then pulled over Pastor Pitts! and Maumee). And just because an organization is growing, doesnt mean that he is doing what God wants of him. If you are that concerned about a so called false-prophet or a church being led astray by false teachings then get on your knees and do some real intercession pray for this man and these people.oh and one more thingLord, you are awesome!! ABOUT US CHURCH APPAREL WATCH NOW GIVE More ABOUT US; CHURCH APPAREL; WATCH NOW; GIVE; ABOUT US . Im beginning to feel like Im back in High School here. For decades,youths across the region wereenamored with Wayne Aarum, whooperatedinsome of thehighest-profile spaces inWestern New YorksChristian ecosystem. Survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence in New York statecan getconnected withcounseling, legal assistance and crisis help. Heres the link: I think its disgusting. He certainly never earned any understudy degrees. You people are just jealous of his success and despite your best efforts, his church continues to grow. [18], On September 18, 1997, Pitts was arrested on charges of exposing himself to passing motorists near Oak Openings Metropark in Swanton, Ohio. His final punishment: 14 days of house arrest with an ankle bracelet and a $500 fine. I thought you were never coming back Julie. Individuals canalsotext LIGHT to 741741 for crisis support with a trained counselor, 24/7 and free of charge. Their breathalyzer machine there was broken, so troopers say Pitts provided a urine sample that was sent to Columbus for analysis. Getting caps on your teeth is no different. I can say with extreme certainty that Pastor Pitts never said that the church did not give him enough for his birthday and never re-passed the offering containers. I would be careful pretending to be someone else. FOR ALL THE MEMBERS OUT THERE I WAS CURIOUS WHAT HE SAID ABOUT THAT? p.s. In afall 2020 letter,Wayne Aarum saidhe was reinstatedas presidentand that Circle Cs independent investigation was complete, andhad found no factual basisfor the allegations against him at that point. And I know that the Lord sees him as His beloved son and He is very well pleased with him. Thats what bothers you! In this December 2020 file photo, the Rev. Theywerebetting on which new campers Wayne Aarum might pay special attention to, he said. Aarum and the Circle C board members did not respond when asked how thisinvestigation was conducted and who conducted it. Another thing how ignorant are you to say somthing about paying 10% of your income to Pastor Michael. Pastor Pitts pled guilty to trespassing. You know how I feel about no names LOL Big Chickens!! Its so easy to stand outside a situation and form opinions based on the malarky that the media puts out there, as well as the gossip of others. How does being arrogant and manipulative have anything to do with intelligence? - MAUMEE--A local pastor convicted of drunk driving is back home. After reading all the posts I just cant believe it.. instead of bashing Pastor Pitts we should be lefting him up in prayer.. if it is true it will happen again. Ive seen those same patterns. But, the one thing that made me open my eyes to the reality of my church was the internet and a website called reveal. Though, there are false prophets that have tried to use God for their own gain, God always expose them in the end. Appreciate the feedback. Above: Carolyn McDonald, Michelle Poulsen, Rachel Horvath, Jessica Spiesz, Ashley Scibilia, Joy McCullough. Within a year, however, she said she would go to the police to report heruneaseabout thehabitsshed seen develop betweenWayne Aarum and teenage girls at the camp. His car was spotted near where several of the incidents occurred. This is the man that appeared on the. Pitts' response was that in line with the purchase, all programs were being evaluated, and those wanting to remain on the air were welcome to reapply. I dont say these things lightly, I say them because Ive witness muchmuch more than youd ever know. Sheexplained how it took months of therapy to realizethat herinteractions with Aarumdidnt happen because he loved her like a father. He has dozens and dozens of engagements annually. That is love! What restaurants are near Cornerstone Church? Am I a prophet, well, I have received prophecy from God. Wayne Aarum was the first man Joy McCullough ever held hands with. I think it is socially and morally irresponsible to represent yourself as someone else, even if your intentions are good. Thanks. However, Mr. Smith said that he did receive confirmation in writing from Dr. Forgac that he and Mr. Pitts talked, though hes not sure how many times. Pastor Pitts has done more to further the kingdom of God and impacted more lives than you could ever hope to. He said in a May 7 email thathe followed Ranch policies, except in emergency cases in which men and women may have to have physical contact. I can tell you, that is NOT Godly. Dedicated on line cs. Georgie Silvarole/USA TODAY Network New York, Shawn Dowd/Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Of course, Pitts was able to continue putting on his grand conferences because no one really knew that he was showing his private parts to little boys on a golf course. Well, Im glad someone missed me!! Like hello peoplethats 10% to the churchNOT the pastor! At the age of 14, Pitts felt called to become a preacher. He said,I loved you guys and viewed you as my own children. Why dont you do a search to find out what Michael really believes. Reporters also tried to contactRonald Snell,a longtime friend of Wes Aarum Sr. andCircle C board member for a short period, whowas also present at the meeting. I dont care who it is, any man who tries that should be prosecuted, so-called holy man whos in in for the money of not. This coverage is only possible with support from our readers. He is married to Kathi and they have two children. None righteous, no not one. Gillis didnt thinkto lookatWayne Aarums personnel file at the time, he said. The Lord showed Bishop Pitts to me in a very vivid dream because I was idolizing him. We also are losing our insurance because the church cant afford it. (Of course, I hadnt to surf in secret and never told anyone at church that I was questioning the church) I felt like I had become so obsessed/convinced that I was in the one, true church that I couldnt leave or I would surely lose my salvation. I gotta say, Im overwhelmed by the fact that so many Christians would rather gossip about the past and put down and talk trash about a congregation or minister of the gospel. [8], Pitts was consecrated as a bishop by the International Communion of Charismatic Churches in October 2009 for his oversight of the Cornerstone Global Network, a network of more than 120 churches. Sarah Taddeo is an Enterprise reporter for USA Today Network's in New York, covering consumer affairs and statewide news. Suppose someone was to lay out all that you, Josh, have done in the past 12 years, Im sure it would be somewhat less than flattering. A subpoena is what you and your understudy degree are referring to which is: a formal order commanding a person to appear in court under penalty. Norris also contacted locallaw enforcement and local agenciesherself about the findings,according to police reports. God knows the truth, and ultimately, thats what matters. she was kinda snotty! Let your yes be yes and your no be no. If he didnt do these things, then you have nothing to worry about, right? This number is based on the percentage of all Tripadvisor reviews for this product that have a bubble rating of 4 or higher. Obviously, he is above reproach. Soyou be the judge, is someone righteous base on what they do, or what they believe? Jason & Josh Manypeopleare devotedto the Ranch and the Aarum family, and said they never experienced or witnessed egregiousphysical behavior from Aarum. BUT ANYONE WHO SAYS, YOU FOOL! WILL BE IN DANGER OF THE FIRE OF HELL. The CAC atBestSelf in Buffalo, New York brings together a multidisciplinary group of professionals to address child sexual abusein a child-centered environment. I have a hard time believing Pastor Pitts would have done those things and continue to minister. if he is guilty as charged, so be it, if not, so be it. It made me think back to when I was working for The Blade a few years ago and Pastor Pitts was in the news quite a bit. You really are deceived. It seems as though youve stirred up a hornets nest by doing this, but I dont see anything wrong with it. Shoot, while were at it, why dont we just put candles around him and pray in his name. Please E-mail me. with that said, youre right. Shed resignfrom her position not long after, her emotions a mix of heartbreak andfrustrationasshe leftthe Ranch. [7], Pitts has not attended seminary or theological college, but is self-taught from tapes, CDs, books, and other materials. Separate in the fact that it happened years prior to the much public criminal case. Pastor Pitts was IDd by the boys at night while the cops shined a flashlight into the cruiser. Do you have a system of discipling or spiritual guidance your expected to seek? You would think, If I were going to impersonate someone of any stature at all that I would atleast spell things correctly and not say things like I have an understudy degree in law. Some peoples zeal needs redirected because it is more detrimental than it is beneficial. This is the foundation of Pitts message to his congregation. YOU would know that if you knew him or even attended any services. Members have reported being propositioned for sexual favors in exchange for money, gifts, and positions/titles/opportunities in the ministry. The bible says to bring your tithe into the storehouse and a blessing would be poured out on you. Pastor Michael Pitts NEVER goes by Mike. He would hug themfrom behind or from the side withhis fingertips resting on the side of their breasts, female camp stafferssaid multiple photos of Aarum with girlson social media show himtouching them in this way. Im not trying to critize, just inform you. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Religion from Reed College, where he wrote his thesis on Christian Worship Music. Pastor Michael was never conclusively identified at any of the locations of his charges. It is used to compel the testimony of witnesses in a trial. The goodness of the Lord affecting all nations is a recurring theme of the Ministry of Cornerstone. As part of the unusual plea agreement, both prosecution and defense agreed that neither side would be allowed to discuss the reasons for the sudden deal. Thank goodness!!! She was 15, and he told her she was amazing. said Lester Sumrall about the Maumee building, We began holding services in East Toledo at the Historic Eastwood Theater, Cornerstone Harvest Church planted in Lima, OH, We invest 4.2 million dollars in world class facilities for the children's wing and multipurpose facilities at our Maumee Campus, Cornerstone City Church planted in Wayne, MI, We celebrated the consecration of Pastor Michael Pitts to the office of Bishop, We launched Heal The World as an outreach arm of Cornerstone Church, The historic Eastwood Theater was and once again began holding services as the new Eastwood Campus, Cornerstone City Church restructures as our Wayne Campus, Purchased the Summit building in downtown Toledo and began renovations, Cornerstone Harvest Church restructures as our Lima Campus, Cornerstone launches as the Downtown Campus, Phil and Meredith Ryburn installed as Lead Pastors. When asked if he had even been confronted about his interactions with teen girls at campbyboard members, Ranch employees or volunteers, Aarum said no family member or Ranchboard memberhad even complained to him regarding his conduct. Hi Hayden!! You think they were convinced of his innocence? It doesnt just pop out of my mouth as a cuss word or as in vain. Sorry to have hit a sore spot with you! Just because you can take a scripure out of context doesnt mean you have Michael Pitts number. I have to say tooI Love Denny Schafer. no problem Julie if anyone wants to know the TRUTH about Pastor Pitts e-mail me at lets just say I have an inside connection. Stay away from this false prophet and his cohorts until they repent. CJ Mahaney, the founding pastor of Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM), recently spoke at a conference called "Conviction to Lead 2013" at an SGM megachurch in . LE, In 2007 the Church severed all ties with Miller, who later filed bankruptcy and relocated. Maumee, OH, United States JUSTICE FOR VICTIMS OF CORNERSTONE CHURCH TOLEDO Numerous people have come forward over the past twenty years alleging sexual abuse, harassment, exploitation, and assault from high ranking ministers at Cornerstone Church. Although I find posting here quite enjoyable. you go girl!! Joe Schmoe would be hated in the community and locked up. If, as you say, you dont care if your spiritual leader has a penchant for public masturbation, drunk driving, and lying well then, I suppose Ive wasted your time. What good is all this gossiping and backstabbing doing the Kingdom of God? He was released over the weekend. Reviewed July 21, 2020. princess1075, Willoughby, Ohio. With all of these public sins, why hasnt there been some public contrition from Pitts? Say what you will. For MANY reasons. did ya miss me?? Are you being sarcastic or is that a compliment? Michael Pitts NEVER attended court ordered counseling for any crime he was or was not convicted of. I dont believe he did a whole lot., Edward why in the world are you still at Cornerstone when you are so obviously a self-righteous bigot who is against Pastor Pitts? Not too long ago, I read something on The Toledo Blades web site about Pastor Michael Pitts of Cornerstone Church. The people at Cornerstone are blinded to the truth because they worship him. The vehicle stood out and was recognizable for its color, make, model, and convertible status. how are you so sure that its true? MinistrySafes investigation, separate from Circle Cs independent investigation, first focused onallegations of abuseat The Chapel youth groupin the 1990s. Its the people on here that call themselves Christians, yet put everyone else down for their opinions that give Christians a bad name if you ask me. Im down-trodden that we have found a place to BB-Q those who try to serve a living God. And so he handed out the sentence that he did because he knew he was innocent and he hated that fact. Thats why you see nothing negative regarding him on the internet. After the lawsuit against SGM was dropped, in fact, Mohler and two fellow evangelicals published astatement of supportfor Mahaney, calling him our friend and a vast influence for good. The statement claimed that Mahaney was not charged with any credible, serious, and direct wrongdoing. Thus, they wrote, we, along with many others, refused to step away from C.J. Kat: Pastor Michael does not have a private jet please dont spew out ignorance you know nothing about. THATS ALL. Also a fact I would assume the Pator knows. A young Michael and Kathi Pitts founded Cornerstone Christian Center, "This is a place you can pastor the city from." This is perplexing me. Ferrante, now 36 and living in Rush, Monroe County,eventuallybecamea full-time program directorat the Ranch, andsaid herepeatedlywitnessedphysically intimate momentsbetween Aarum andteenage girls, sometimes in deserted or secluded areas. You said yourself your poor.What is someone gonna do with your money anyway. You are right, I notice something about Toledo Area. Pastor Michael Pitts spent nine daysin the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio after state troopers pulled him over last December. Im an attorney and helped a small church that had a similar situation aka the pastors both were extremely ill. They have no integrity whats soever this is also proven by if the above article regarding Delta was true, there would have been counseling that really was done, when it fact, there wasnt ever any counseling, because the incident never took place. No questions have been asked about this experience. A legal warrant. In theweeks following, over a dozen womengave statements toofficers regarding their experiences with Aarum. Though there has been some debate surrounding Pitts ability to get charges against him dismissed on legal technicalities, the Bible has no such leniency for those who claim to be bishops in the Lords church. We, as Christians ALL have a code of behavior we are to follow. If people want to support Pastor Pitts, so be it. [20], Pitts' church invested in TV station WMNT-TV, Channel 48, in Toledo in 1997. The case began in December 2006. Well, coincidentally Cornerstone is not a cult. First off, I dont go to his church nor have I ever attended or given him any money. I am a part of the pitts family and reading this has been both hilarious and very very sad. All Ill say is I no longer go there. He also formed deep emotional bonds with these girls,acting as a father figure and maintaining a constant stream of intimacy and adoration, according to the women alleging abuse. He is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Church and oversees the Cornerstone Global Network, a network of over 150 churches throughout the US, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa and the UK. In an email to aUSA TODAY NETWORK reporter on April 28, 2021, Aarum said: I have never had any sexual interaction with anyone other than my wife. By joining, or logging in via Facebook, you accept Change.orgs Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Has your involvement in Cornerstone alienated you from your family? You cant even put your name on your post!! We are all very capable of doing very sinful things. If you notice on his website there is no mention of Jesus. Thank You Lord for all that you are doing in my life and in the lives of those who you have called and anointed for this season!!!