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His pension file is considered to contain the best account of the Rev War activities in North Carolina, and many men testified to his service in NC, especially in the Rowan Co, NC area. In 1800 this part of Wilkes became the new Ashe County, and later became Alleghany Co. . Their cry was "no pay" and their families required them at home. Clare D Conley 1929 - 1998 Born January 22, 1929 Death August 12, 1998 Last Known Residence Hawley, Wayne County, Pennsylvania 18428 Summary Clare D Conley of Hawley, Wayne County, Pennsylvania was born on January 22, 1929, and died at age 69 years old on August 12, 1998. (It appears that Henry C. (Elder) was Capt Henry, since the deed was signed by Henry and Sary, indicating that Capt Henry's son was Henry Sen.) . Downstairs is perfect for a teenagers retreat, guest house or rental opportunity. I was called into service by a recruiting officer by the name of Holgin, I think a regular officer. [22][23][24] Donald S. Conley, brother of Mike Alex Conley Sr., was a professional football player. This was in 1780. I have it at my house. During this year, in the month of October, the company encountered his scouts and routed them with some loss. . His company was engaged to keep down daring Tory named Colonel Fanning. 1809 The Conley clan supposedly moved to Floyd Co, Ky. . Brother of David H Connelly, Sr.; John Connelly; Edmund Connelly; Thomas Connelly Connelly, Jr.; Elizabeth Connelly and 5 others; Rachel Conley; James Conley; Polly Connelly; William Connelly and Harmon Connelly less, A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA with the rank of CAPTAIN. Chicago congressman Bennett Stewart led the creation of historic legislation to ensure fair housing for all Americans. (Thomas,3,Edmund,2,Constantine,1) .. b 2 May 1751 Chester Co, Pa; d 7 May 1840 Johnson Co, Ky, bur William Rice Cem, Floyd Co, Ky. . The 1870 Census, which was the first after the Civil War destroyed many Southern government buildings records, holds the first evidence of the emerging family. 1844 Johnson Co, Ky tax list: Temperance Conley, 2 horses - $60, total value - $60. We encourage you to research and examine these records to determine their accuracy . 1777, 7 Jul: Henry Conley was living in Guilford Co, NC at the time of his enlistment with the NC militia. During this summer he did all he could to get his company to assemble. 4. Miscellaneous Photo Gallery, Jensen-Fieldsa Photo Gallery II Quadroons documented as born circa 1816, Green and Harriet were believed to have been married around 1840 in the greater Huntsville, Alabama area, of the Tennessee Valley. . 1848 Johnson Co tax list: Tempy Conley, 1 horse - $40, total value - $40. He was a young man of fine stature and immense physical strength. Colonel Lee, Colonel Howard, the Baron Dekalb. This branch starts in 1600 England and includes Thaddeus Bennett and his son Joseph, who were both ordained ministers and Revolutionary War veterans. or estate settlement - I haven't checked). Physical Location: Gro Vasco Nacional Museum, Viseu, Portugal. Mr. James Conley, (Conelly, Connelly), British Convict who was convicted in Middlesex. advertisement. Captain Henry Connelly's testimony in 1833 when he was applying for a pension that was due to him for being a Revolutionary War veteran. signed by Henry Conley. Sherry Sedlacek (nee Conley), 61, of Parma passed away peacefully on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. This was about 19% of all the recorded Conley's in USA. . David Connelley and wife Mary and heirs of Richard Davis deeded property. I made up my company and reported to the Colonel and went forthwith into active service. Question: State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity, and their belief of your services as a soldier and officer of the Revolution. During this year, in the month of October, the company encountered his scouts and routed them with some loss. North Carolina, U.S. Army Revolutionary War We will remember him forever. No doubt these prisoners were taken there by Captain Connelly. Contemporary descendants include:artist T.B. Jackson-Williams,[4] basketball athlete Mike Conley Jr., social and political commentator Larry Elder,[5] Three-time Olympic athlete Mike Conley, Sr.,[6][7] Silicon Valley entrepreneur Roger Cameron Wood,[8] musician Earl Thomas Conley, and academic Dalton Conley. One family tradition was that he d in 1860, and one source said he m Susannah Jones, but that was the Joseph Conley (#C5), b ca 1798, s/o David Conley. D Capt Henry Connelly/Conley,4 ? Tennessee State, another traditional family school, has educated Conley family members since its accreditation in 1922. During this year, by order of the Govenor, this applicant's company was placed under the direction of Colonel Davie, who then commanded the North Carolina Cavalry; but he renewed the old orders, and my district still remained as under my former orders. Thomas Conley, b 25 Jan 1777 Guilford Co, NC, d ca 1828 Floyd Co, Ky, m Susannah Joynes (Susan), b 5 Jul 1780 NC, d 25 Mar 1877 Johnson Co, Ky. . (Henry's pension papers state that he lived in Montgomery Co for 3 years, but it was not specified if that was the same time he there raising militia, or later. It was cold weather but inclined to be raining during this battle. Jensen/Fieldsa Photo Gallery III . Henry was a Capt in the Rev War, enlisting 1777 in Guilford Co, NC. We encourage you to research and examine these records to determine their . Find the Best Neurologists in Conley. 1.85% are Hispanic or Latino origin He has now no documentary evidence in his favor, having forwarded his commission about six years ago by General Alexander Lackey to the War Department. wit James Remy, Jon House, Daniel Litteral. Please join us in collaborating on CONLEY family trees. Fanning had something called "scald head" and was not allowed to eat at the table with the family, nor was he permitted to sleep in a bed. Mottoes first began to be shown with arms in the 14th and 15th centuries, but were not in general use until the 17th century. Acc to William Elsey Connelley, William was single, a millwright, and drowned in the Big Sandy River while building a dam. Family photographs are organized in the Photo Index. For Sale - 3789 Conley Downs Ln, Decatur, GA - $249,900. For some, it's for entertainment. Fanning was a man of ability and the local leader of the Tories in the Carolinas. She was Ann Langley McGregor acc to a 1930 letter from Eula Conley Moore, in the files on Henry Conley's pension. Our editors have compiled this checklist of genealogical resources, combining links to commercial databases along with user-contributed information and web sites for the Conley surname. A Conley family member has been enrolled as a student at Alabama A&M, or has worked on staff, in each year of the schools existence. wit James Remy, Thomas Connelly, Edmond Conley, Samuel Rice. wit Sam Hanner, Daniel Auxier, John Conley. wit Alfred Davis, Edmund Conley. Larry Elder (1952), a political commentator, radio and television personality.

He is on the 1837 Floyd Co Tax list as having 75 arces on Licking River in the name of Winslow. For the veterans among your Conley ancestors, military collections provide insights into where and when they served, and even physical descriptions. Capt. After marching in a southern direction for several days news came that Tarleton was after us. I was then taking in a few days afterwards sick, and was permitted for my health to retire for awhile from the service. (Retrieved 2010, November 5), New Zealand Yesteryears Passenger Lists 1800 to 1900 (Retrieved 17th October 2018). And lastly, by Colonel Billy Washington. . looking for parentage of robert v jackson of russell co., va, SHOESMITH marriages 1857-1942 Victoria Australia, About Policy/Terms of Use. During this winter and the fall this applicant's company abandoned his district of "protection" and under Colonel Davie and General Davidson opposed the passage of Lord Cornwallis through North Carolina. Our company, when just about to catch up to our horses was hid about four hundred paces in the rear of the line of battle. Your site can generate various Reports for each name in your family tree. In 1833 he applied for a pension because he was a Revolutionary War veteran, which he was awarded. Conley genealogy shows that the first recorded spelling of the family name dates from 1591. Dave Conley Master Maine Guide and owner of Canoe the Wild, has been paddling . Rick Dau 6/12/14. His clan was not in the battle of Culloden Moor, having been stationed at another point, so it is said in the traditions of our family, but he had been sent to the commander of the Pretender forces with despatches, and so was on that disastrous field. Ft. 111 E Morow Rd, Garvin, OK 74736. During the first year of the service of this applicant, by the orders of his Colonel, the company traversed and marched to Rowan and Guilford in order to keep Fanning and his confederates down. The listing agent for these homes has added a Coming Soon note to alert buyers in advance. Black American West Museum. Da 3. Family photographs are organized in the. Mexican man who died on U.S. border struggled to pay bills in Canada, family says. The Descendants of Rudolf Honegger. Pascal (Pony) Conley III (18651939), a business owner and co-founder of the Meridianville Baptist Church. In this battle we had many men killed, several from under this applicant. Henry Connelly participated in was the Battle of Cowpens fought on January 17, 1781. This applicant's company was a Horse Company and was raised for the especial purpose of keeping down a daring Tory Colonel by the name of Fanning who had made several daring attempts in the neighborhood of Salisbury and Charlotte. Please join us. 1810 Floyd Co, Ky census, p 97, Henry Conley, 01001-00001. 1724 in Guilford, Guilford County, NC, Marriage 1 Ann MacGregor b: 14 FEB 1756 in Guilford, Guilford County, NC, Has Children Thomas Connelly b: 25 JAN 1777 in Guilford, Guilford County, NC Has Children Peggy Connelly b: 8 AUG 1779 in Guilford, Guilford County, NC Has Children Rachael Connelly b: 8 APR 1783 in Guilford, Guilford County, NC Has No Children John Connelly b: 8 AUG 1785 in Guilford, Guilford County, NC Has No Children Henry Connelly b: 1 DEC 1787 in Guilford, Guilford County, NC Has No Children Elizabeth Connelly b: 8 APR 1789 in Guilford, Guilford County, NC Has No Children William Connelly b: 8 JUL 1791 in Guilford, Guilford County, NC Has No Children Joseph Connelly b: 8 JUL 1795 in Guilford, NC Has Children David H. Connelly b: 24 JUN 1781 in North Carolina Marriage 2 Temperence Blair,, Capt Henry Connelly/Conley, 1751 - 1840 . Named for the Annie Conley Darwin Branch. Denver Museum of Black History in the Rocky Mountain region. . In a perfect world, everyone would live in dignified, affordable housing. A national figure in the McDonald's network, she is the immediate past Chair and CEO of the National Black McDonalds Operators Association. I was born and raised in California and will probably live here for the rest of my life, although I'm not sure I want to be shoveling so much snow when I get older. Misc Unidentified Conleys of Eastern Kentucky. Moved to Crawford and Grant Co's, Wisc. 1832, 31 Dec: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 412, rec 26 Sep 1833: Henry Conley Sr deeded 50 acres on Jennys Creek to Constantine Conley for $250. 0.55% are American Indian (Non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaska Native Alone) 1834, 6 Feb: Ky Lant Warrants Bk L-2, p 371: 50 acres surveyed for Henry Conly on Barnetts Cr in Floyd Co. . All of the names on my site are linked from here. About this time at a place in the western part of the state (N.C.) the Tories had collected to a great number and we marched against them and (met them) at Colson's Mills. His daughter Ann was born February 14, 1756, and some two years later he died. 1840 Floyd Co census, Henry not listed, but Temperance may be one of the older females living with her grandsons Constantine and Thomas. her work has been featured through Louisville and the midwest in private collections, office buildings and public galleries for more than 20 years.[38]. Some of the information from this line was taken from the two volume set of books The Conley Clan of Eastern Kentucky that is offered by The Magoffin County Historical Society. [33][34], Teresa Brandy Jackson-Williams,[35] a visual artist also known as T.B. Hazel Green, Alabama Hazel Green, Alabama. 1842 Floyd Co tax list, p 4, line 29: Temperance Connelly, 30 acres on Paint. At a field outside Spartanburg, SC the Americans made their stand. Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results Doris C Conley (1918 - 2003) Try FREE for 14 days Try FREE for 14 days. He married Mary Cody and they had these issues: 1. And I do hereby declare my opinion after the investigation of the matter, and after putting the interrogatories prescribed by the War Department, that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary soldier (an officer) and served as he states. (580) 584-5005. Oakwood College, also began on land bequeathed by Conley and Jacobs families, which eventually intermarried. . At length we had to yield to superior numbers. This information was taken from various sources, one of which was the book "The Founding of Harman's Station" by William Elsey "Belsey" Connelley. It is said he lived 3 years in Montomgery Co Va then Guilford Co N.C. before moving to Floyd Co Ky what

is now state road fork of Licking River in what is now Magoffin Co Ky

, Son of Thomas Connelley & Mary VanHarlingen. The battle lasted a little more than an hour. Self-taught painter and sketch artist. In the month of November 1779, orders were received by Colonel Paisley from Colonel Davie, the Commanding Colonel, to rendezvous at Salisbury to the South to join General Lincoln at Savannah, but about this time news arrived that General Lincoln was overtaken at Charlestown, and all were taken prisoners. In 1800 he was in Ashe Co, NC, and in 1802 he was back in Ashe Co. Born on March 8, 1929, in Marshall, Jackson County, WV, she was the daughter of the late Robert Lee and Maude Daniels Knopp. Of the sons of Green Conley, Alexander was especially gifted in athletics and the arts, and William's offspring continued the military traditions started by their Uncle Pascal Conley II. In addition to David, "The Conley Clan" also records the elder David's apparent son Joseph as the son of Capt Henry. I received a lot of help from Joe Conley of Paintsville, Kentucky on this line. Jensen-Fieldsa Photo Gallery I . During the backlash against Radical Reconstruction the common name of the mountain was revoked.[2]. Src: Don's family contact: ABSALOM CONLEY 1834 - 1900: Born in FLOYD CO KENTUCKY: Src: CONLEY FAMILEY contact: Absalom CONLEY b.1861: Born in Virginia: Src: The Legend of the Lynchs contact: Absalom CONLEY b.1861: Born in Calhoun County, (W)V: Src: The Spencer Family contact: Absalom CONLEY b.1835: Born in Kentucky: Src: Morgan/Perkins Family . . This accent stayed with him the rest of his life. The family trees on this site contain 31750 relatives and 1597 photos. Dominick & Lucinda Kelly - Hugh & Isabella Kenihan - Ireland to South Australia 1800s. Retrieved from, Convict Records Voyages to Australia (Retrieved 17th December 2020)., Convict Records Voyages to Australia (Retrieved 10th September 2021). We are proud of our descent from the Clan MacGregor. and selling Christmas trees and wreaths in Central Virginia for the past 27 years. Conley genealogy shows that the first recorded spelling of the family name dates from 1591. . Pascal III was named for his uncle, war hero Paschal Conley II, nephew of Harriet. . Other US Census data for CONLEY The particulars of this years service was only a few fights with the Tories. These books are a must for anyone researching the descendants of Captain Henry Connelly. My email address is at the bottom of every page on this site. 1492 Keystone Dr is 3.7 miles from Fort Gillem, and is convenient to other military bases, including Fort McPherson. Brown, to Colonel John Van Hoose, the Reverand Henry Dixon, the Reverend Cuthbert Stone, the Reverend Samuel Hanna, the Reverend Ezekiel Stone, Reverend Wallace Bailey, to Andrew Rule, Esq., to John Rice, and to Jacob Mayo, Esq., Clerk of the Floyd County Circuit Courts. May/Caudill Connections (50+ Conley's) Debra Considine Family Home Page May Connections (50+ Conley's) Conley Family Website Isaiah H. Conley Line (3200+ Conley's) Hutchinson Family Nice Site (60+ Conley's) Home. Bennett Photo Gallery We were all now under General Morgan and a terrible conflict ensued at the Cowpens between Tartleton's men and the army under General Morgan. [15] Willie Conley led the familys participation in World War I, with Charlie Ed Ford. Jackson Williams listing on GRANDPASART.COM", "Jackson-Williams, T.B. From there this applicant was placed under Colonel Washington and Marched to Augusta and Ninety Six. I wanted to copy these documents as accurately as possible. At the close of the Revolution he moved to Eastern Kentucky with his family. Hugh married Margaret Conley. 1829, 20 Jun: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 161, rec 28 Oct 1829: Henry Conley Sr deeded 100 acres on the Oil Spring Fork of Little Paint Creek to David Conley for $400. It is said that he was born "of obscure parentage." (I knew) General Smallwood, General Davidson, General Pickens, General Sumner, General Otho Williams, Colonel Billy Washington. Leader of the Black business district in Huntsville Alabama in the 1940s and 50s. Some of the first settlers of this family name were: 2000- 2023 Swyrich Corporation, all rights reserved. A part of the men under my command were drafted men for eighteen months. Family founders for whom Conley Mountain and Hazel Green, Alabama were named. Joe did a great job with his research and detective work here. The most Conley families were found in USA in 1880. Nancy Kennedy can be reached at 352-564-2927 or . Understand it all by viewing our, Family Crest Download (JPG) Heritage Series - 600 DPI, Family Crests and Genealogy: how they relate,,,,,,, Contemporary Notables of the name Conley (post 1700), Abraham Conley of Kittery in 1640, who took the oath of fidelity in 1652 and was Constable of the new colony from 1647 to 1650, Isabel Conley, who settled in Maryland in 1697, George Conley, who landed in New York, NY in 1816, John Conley, who arrived in Aranzazu or Copano, Tex in 1829, Simon Conley, who arrived in Tippecanoe County, Ind in 1844, William Conley, aged 30, who arrived in Mobile, Ala in 1845, Catharine Conley, who landed in New York in 1847, Thomas Conley, who landed in Arkansas in 1904, John Martin Conley, who arrived in Alabama in 1918, Jane Conley, who landed in Nova Scotia in 1750, Philip Conley, who arrived in Nova Scotia in 1750, Rose Conley, who landed in Nova Scotia in 1750, Phillip Conley, aged 21, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1833 aboard the brig "Thomas Hanford" from Cork, Ireland, Luke Conley, aged 21, a tailor, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick aboard the ship "Bartley" in 1833. Other researchers have confused David H., the s/o Capt Henry, with David Conley, b ca 1784-87Va, who m Margaret Phillips (Peggy), who was apparently the s/o the elder David Conley (#C). . "What are the 5,000 Most Common Last Names in the U.S.?". In 1784 he settled in Wilkes Co, NC. 1830 Floyd Co census, p 98, Henry Conley Sr, 0000000001-0000000001. . Conley in Records Start your family tree and learn the story of your family in the world's largest online collection of genealogy records and family trees. James Conley III, the last living Tuskegee Airman, Jonas Conley (born 1857), who married Judy Conley, a religious leader and founder of the Conley CME Chapel, T.B Jackson-Williams, Visual Artist and Painter. With a backdrop of rolling pastures and stunning sunsets, this mountaintop gem provides convenient opportunity to achieve your farm . 1827, 12 Jan: Ky Land Warrants Bk W, p 363: 100 acres surveyed for Henry Connelly on M Fk Paint Lick Cr in Floyd Co. . Answer: I refer to General Lackey, to Colonel Brown, Colonel T. W. Graham, to Austin Litteral, to Jacob Mayo, Esq., to Andrew Rule, to the Rev. The parents of Henry Connelly (1752-1840) are generally thought to be Thomas Connelly and Mary van Harlingen, however there is no documentary proof that this is correct. Edmund was in the 1800 and 1810 Wilkes Co, NC census', and moved to Floyd Co, Ky between 1815-20, and later to Magoffin Co, Ky. D2 2. [29] Other family members hold positions at the State, County, and Municipal levels throughout the country. Acc to his pension application (see link below), he lived in Montgomery Co for 3 years during the war. I started out by gathering this information mostly from websites and people that I met on the Internet. The actress, 72, who is best known for her role as Yvette Carte-Blanche in BBC series . Answer: I was living in Guilford County North Carolina, where I have lived since my father moved from Chester (County), Pennsylvania, up to the Revolution. Riesbach Display Google Map of this location (if available) Place References (1) 1725 Individual: Katharina Heerli (d. 1725.05.17 ) This page is within a frameset. He recollects well that it was just before or about the time of Gates' defeat at Camden. The following are apparently for a different Henry Conley: . . I've had a number of requests wanting to know exactly where I fit into all of this. In his "Legend of Montrose" Scott finds some of his most interesting characters among the Children of the Mist, who were the MacGregors, this being one of their ancient names. Conley Family Crest by The Tree Maker Due to Covid-19 our hours of availability and order processing have been shortened to Mondays and Fridays only as we are a small family business. News Mark Wingfield. It was never returned to me. I have seen in 1780, Captain Holgin, Colonel John Williams, Colonel Nat Williams, who commanded the Ninth Regiment North Carolina Militia in 1778, Colonel Paisley, Colonel Buncombe, Captain Charles Briant, Colonel Brevard, Major (often called Colonel) De Malmody, and old Colonel Cleveland., Lieutenant Joseph Lewis, Major Charles Anderson, and William Boma Ensign. There he was concealed until he had recovered somewhat from his wounds, when he succeeded in escaping to the colony of North Carolina, where so many of his countrymen were then living. Doris Conley Boyles' account of life in the family of Oscar Conley and Agnes Allen. Houston Conley,[9] family elder, helped launch the desegregation of public schools in America,[10] and is among a long list of educators produced by the family. wit D.K. Within census records, you can often find information like name of household members, ages, birthplaces, residences, and occupations. Jump to: Biography Memories Family Tree Followers . The surname Conley was first found in County Offaly (Irish: Ubh Fhil) originally the Kingdom of U Failghe, located in central Ireland in the Province of Leinster, where they held a family seat from very ancient times. Miscellaneous Photo Gallery, Bennett Photo Gallery Emigration to New Zealand followed in the footsteps of the European explorers, such as Captain Cook (1769-70): first came sealers, whalers, missionaries, and traders. This branch of the family tree traces the Connelly/Conley name back to 1635 Ireland, including Captain Henry Connelly who was a Revolutionary War veteran. The Descendants of Jens Tonnesen. He, however, revived and with great difficulty and much suffering reached his own country. He was predeceased by : his parents, James . Established with land grant by Frank Cargle Sr. and Helen Conley Cargle with Dr. Charles Wright. 2 Baths. In this battle we had many men killed, several from under this applicant. Connect to the World Family Tree to find out, May 2 1752 - Chester, Chester, Pennsylvania, British America, May 7 1840 - Oil Springs, Johnson, Kentucky, United States, Thomas Connelley, Mary Connelley (born Van Harlingen), Anne Connelly (born McGregor), Temperance Blair, nnelly Sr., Margaret Cantrell (born Connelly), David Henderson Conley, Rachael Spradlin (born Connelly), John Connelly Sr, and, Conley, John Conley, Edmund Connelly, Thomas Conley Jr., Thomas Connelly Jr, Elizabeth Conley, Rachel Connelly, and, May 2 1752 - Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA, May 7 1840 - William Rice Cemetery, Floyd County, Kentucky, USA, May 2 1751 - Dutch, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Usa, CONNELLY, David CONLEY, Elizabeth CONNELLY, William CONLEY, Edmund CONNELLY, Henry CONNELLY, Thomas CONNELLY, John CONNELLY, Rachel CONNELLY, lliam CONLEY, Rachel CONLEY, James CONLEY, Edmund CONNELLY, David CONNELLY, Thomas CONNELLY, Polly CONNELLY, Elizabeth CONLEY, John CONNELLY, May 2 1751 - Chester, Pennsylvania, British America, Guilford County, North Carolina, United States, Patriots - Daughters of the American Revolution, Jensen-Fieldsa Photo Gallery II Family and friends must say goodbye to their beloved Merwin Carl Conley (Fresno, California), who passed away at the age of 77, on February 21, 2023. . After he was grown he always wore a silk cap and even his closest friends never saw his head uncovered. wit William Phillips, David Dean. When I began working on this site in 1999 my job included repairing computers. Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results Christopher Festus Conley (1883 - 1918) Try FREE for 14 days Try FREE for . A CONLEY makes up 18.96 of every 100k people in the population. 1840 Floyd Co tax list, p 5, l ines 18 and 19: Henry Conley Sr, 130 acres and 35 acres on L. Paint, 1 WM > 21, 2 child 7-17. . Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. Thomas was in the 1800 Ashe Co, NC census, was assigned to the Russell Co, Va tithable list in 1807, and was in the 1810 Floyd Co, Ky census. We need the help of good genealogists to grow a completely free shared family tree to connect us all. Joy Shivar 7 . signed by Henry Connelly (X). . Vicki Michelle has joined the cast of EastEnders and is set to star as Brian Conley's onscreen wife Jo Cotton. Protease Inhibitor and Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors and related subjects. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Ellis Conley on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. MLS# 7180150. Jerry was born November 14, 1955 at the San Diego Naval Hospital. The Descendants of William Hitchcock. . Ezekiel Stone, to Rev Wallis Bailey. General Davidson now raised several hundred men, and Colonel Brevard had several skirmishes with the Loyalists, in which this applicant and his company actively participated at Colson's Mills. DAR Ancestor # A025047. 1818, 15 Jun: Floyd Co Order Bk 3: Henry Conly and David Conly were certified to the Secretary of War as old Rev Soldiers. In 1912 there was a shootout in the County Courthouse in Carroll County, Virginia. . Conley Birth Records Conley Death Records 1 & II Published by the Magoffin County Historical Society, Salyersville, KY. Father: Thomas Connelly b: ABT. The Surname Index. It has been recorded by various editors as John, but from the Ward tree he is probably Gregor, alias James Graham. This information came from his pension application, see link below. Booker Conley, Tuskegee Airman in the 92nd Buffalo Division in Italy during World War II. Some of his acquaintances found a home for him with a man by the name of John O. Deniell, who lived at the Haw Fields, in Orange County, North Carolina. [19] David Conley, investment banker, is formerly Managing Director at Robert W. Baird, as well as Seasongood & Mayer. We encourage you to research and examine these records to determine their . This source tentatively listed Capt Henry's son David, b 1781, as David, b ca 1784-87, who m Peggy Phillips, but allowed the possibility that the latter was the older David Conley's son. Any information on the parents of Ellen (Conley) Lehan (1831 - 1889). At Howard University, Dr. Binford H. Conley served as Director of University Libraries, including the MoorlandSpingarn Research Center, the largest archive of African-American history in the U.S. Houston Conley PhD, was a pioneering architect in the desegregation of Americas secondary schools. 1855, 13 Jun: Tempy Connelly filed a Declaration For Widow (Act of 1855), saying she and Henry Connelly married on 7 May 1838 Floyd Co by Ezekiel Stone, and that Henry died 27 May 1838. Hugh H Conley in Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959 Jensen-Fieldsa Photo Gallery II In 1806-07 some of Henry's sons were in Russell Co, Va, and Capt Henry and some of his sons were in Floyd Co, Ky by 1809. Father of Edmund Conley, Sr.; Thomas Conley, Sr.; Margaret Peggy Cantrell; David H Connelly, Sr.; Rachel Spradlin and 10 others; John Conley, Sr.; Henry Connely, Jr.; Elizabeth Tate; William Connelly; Joseph Connelly; Nancy J. Fairchild (Connelly); Parthenia Connolly; NN Connelly; NN Connelly and Peggy Connelly less