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Wackenhut provides some of the security on the ground.79. and mind control. Warrington Training Ctr. He is an FBI witness in a national profile kidnapping case. Book Cliffs, CO, 39 40 . The Continuity of Government facility intended since 1962 to house the United States Congress, code-named Casper, is located on the grounds of the prestigious Greenbrier resort. Dulce is a small town in northern New Mexico, located above 7,000 feet on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. I dont recall what they were testing at the time. Of all the states Florida and North Dakota have the least amount of entrances. The canopies were closed and there were technicians in white suits and covered shoes working and walking on them in various places. [5], TheTransamerican Underground Subshuttle System(T.A.U.S.S.) Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake is a large military installation in California that supports the research, testing and evaluation programs of the United States Navy.It is part of Navy Region Southwest under Commander, Navy Installations Command, and was originally known as Naval Ordnance Test Station (NOTS).. 12 miles south of Lebanon, 36 02.8 N 115 24.3 W, near the newly created town of Twin Bridges-reported saucer base61. This place is an office building and a concrete shielded area with a huge static stand for mounting aircraft to. This aircraft was still such a sensitive asset and a national treasure that it necessitated having guards even in a restricted area. We watched as it came over the horizon with two F-16 chase planes in tow. Two large underground facilities close to but separate from Groom Lake but controlled by the demonic beings are Papoose Range and Cockeyed Ridge (S-4) underground bases. I posted it on this website before about that THE TOP BRASS OF THE U.S.MILITARY IS SATANIC . Arming the Fleet or "ATF" tells a compelling story of the secret city of China Lake, California, a secluded Navy base that is hidden in the middle of the vast Mojave Desert that has been quietly delivering "weapons that work" since 1943. With nearly 20,000 square miles of restricted air space surrounding the base, China Lake is the hub of the Navy's weapons research and testing arm, responsible for front line weapons like the . Over the years, theyve used many different ways of doing it, from using conventional or . The New Mexico area has basically four underground system out. The cracks are now contained between the two rings. This is the "Unholy 6" base. This is no laughing matter. I also traveled to the outer ranges to collect range data tapes that got processed in the same manner. WASHINGTON101. Growing up in the Indian Wells Valley is very challenging. & the so. As the weapon systems were being developed to take out deep, underground military bases, the deeper they went, and the more sophisticated they became. 36. They are guarded through satellites and other technologies. 30 east of Yuma, AZ. The Los Alamos facility dates at least back to 1940. This is listed as a Communications Antenna Field but is doing much more.33. In 2019 Timothy Charles Holmseth became part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. It sounded like a cross between a mean weed eater from hell and the Millennium Falcon. The aircraft tracked time, speed, INS (Inertial Navigation System), weapon release data, and TPSI (Time and Space Position Information), amongst other things. Level 5-security is severe. FAX phone number for Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake MWR Child Development Center. two sites: one on Rt. Typically, to enter an underground base, youd have to enter a really secured lab or a really secured corporation or a really secured military installation to access the underground. . And it pops up in a . If so, then sry. Darwin, CA, 4 miles dues west of Darwin 17. The facility includes separate chambers for the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as a larger room for joint sessions. [13]One can neurologically interface with the shuttle through metallic plates where the hands go and through two ports in the back of the seat. Of course, some of them are joint-operated. The flight weapons testing got hot and heavy, but the best part was here I am just some 22-year-old hack local off the street and was put into a position to evaluate testing data in support of the A-6 missions taking place in the Middle East. And then the pressure of the ocean creates an even tighter seal from the way its engineered. The technology is apparently here to allow them to know how to manipulate the Bioplasmic Body Development of a laser weapon that can remotely cause burns and discomfort on its target. 18. Another underground facility may also exist in the area, FEMA & possibly NSA, the facility may be 10 levels deep, purpose unknown.56. China Lake "The underground facility at China Lake is big enough that with the right equipment, it looks like a city of 500,000 people at night." The area's tavern has been named the Hideaway. Austin of the China Lake Naval Ordnance Test Station . The World's 30 Strangest and Most Secret Military Bases. directly under Argus Peak. Klamath Falls, ORsince Sept. 95 this has been a base for many NWO groups including the Air National Guard, FEMA, CIA, FBI, Spetznaz, and Page 306 MOSAP training base. "Underground bases trafficking children and running the Chemtrails in California were destroyed . The aircraft, as well as the weapons they were testing, were equipped with little prism mirrors on various points so that the lasers could see them and record their telemetry at any given moment. It was very interesting to see the typewriter style buttons and ancient controls in the A-6. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. Not too long after I started this position the Gulf War began. Almost all of these bases are over 2 miles underground and have diameters ranging from 10 miles up to 30 miles across! Page10. The holding capacity of such leviathanic bases is huge. 14. PENNSYLVANIA93. Fort Irwin, CA, 3520N 1168W W. saucer base19. And those of us who were cleared to be out at the airfield got a special treat. China Lake "The underground facility at China Lake is big enough that with the right equipment, it looks like a city of 500,000 people at night." It dropped down in the valley along with a chase F/A-18 and started heading towards the bunker with us in it. Tehachapi Ranch- 4 saucer bases, Tecachapi Canyon has a new underground base which was finished in Sept. 95. . George Air Force Base, CA - saucer base. Companies such as Parsons have been involved in constructing undersea facilities. These aircraft lift off from multiple military bases and aerospace contract facilities from Air Force Plant 42, Edwards Air Force Base and the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. which for lack of time I will not describe. And you have your own 24-hour, like you said the day and night situations. The vast majority of them are built to be self-contained and to house a certain amount of people, anywhere from 10, 20 to 100 years, and sustain them. As I sat and waited I was informed to look out the bulletproof glass and to the south. When the guard closest to me looked the other way, I reached up and touched one of the air sensors on the front of the aircraft real quick. Pine Bluff, Ark. They gather up some old F-4s or something like that and strap it to the stand and then they shoot a missile or other implement of destruction at it, recording all the results on high-speed cameras and sensors. Kindle Edition. The work includes: Development of both short and long range capital investment plans for each area. Another job came up that was a promotion and it was with a group of folks based out of a trailer in the Michelson Lab complex. They were cordoned off with red tape and there were air force guards on each corner with their M-16s poised and ready if someone decided they wanted to do some sort of nefarious deed! IN AMERICA, OVER 800,000 CHILDREN PER YEAR GO MISSING! COMM phone number for Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake MWR Child Development Center. It really didnt become a real pressing matter to have deep, underground military bases until the nuclear age, and until the age of having not only nuclear weapons but delivery systems that were sort of like bunker busters, that could deliver nuclear weapons deep under the rock strata before detonating. The targets resembled the 76 ball you see at gas stations except they were unpainted aluminum. If You Think We Are Done With Masks, Lend Me Your Ear, Natural Survival Medicine You Can Find In The Forest, America is going to be destroyed by fire! Charges of corruption, constant construction company changes, and mass firings of teams once they had built a section of their work were reported so that no one group had any idea what the blueprint of the airport was. They were under contract to be essentially on call PC repairmen all over the base. First, the shorter, lighter news from TRUreporting. This will explain the shutting down of PG&E and the mystery underground explosions. There are what almost looks like UHF antennas that spin and do all kinds of crazy movements and other things that make you feel that you could be fried any moment if they were pointed at you. [3], The Rock of Gibraltar is tunneled out like Swiss cheese because of its strategic location. He says these cages are . Two types of trams. [6]They have their own inertial field.[8]. This is where they tested guns like the 16-inch Mark 7 and Mark 8 that were taken directly off battleships and shipped to China Lake for various testing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rincon Mtn., north side of Rincon Mtn8. (LogOut/ Bee-tee-double-u, China Lake just happens to be a gigantic Navy installation used for research, testing and evaluating weapons such as the Tomahawk missile, AIM-9 Sidewinder, and the explosive Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane ().Add to that the fact that a certified natural health professional is also leery of the goings-on at the China Lake Millitary Base, and I think . stored here in underground levels. At the time, the closest most anyone would get to a B-2 without clearance was a flyover at an air show. Ukraine, Russia, NATO and Nord Stream Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter. , MESA (Missile Engagement Simulation Arena). I know that the majority of them are for R&D. Fig. I also got to see some of the targets and proximity shells they tested with. The SNORT Track at China Lake wasnt used a lot in my day. Often, moving in the dark of night, they wing their way to Nevada where they go through testing at the ranges of Nellis Air Force Base, Tonopah Test Range, and yes, Area 51. The recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico, around the China Lake underground bases in Nevada and California, in Kumamoto, Japan, etc. The secret at Walker Lake is an underground Navy Submarine base. The Underground vault was built to meet the needs of a Congress-in-hiding in fact, the hotel is a replica of the White House. The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil., Wilcock, David. The 3rd BCT, 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado is next in line for the training. MASSACHUSETTS57. Bothell, 4745.7N 12212.2w W, FEMA, regional center, activity unknown. The book also provides an inside look at Point Mugu, California, a DoD . Atlanta is believed to have several underground installations in its area, one to the north at Kennesaw Mtn., Marietta, GA connected to Dobbins AFB, and one to the south of Atlanta at Forest Park.47. Ep. to the north of Taos Pueblo84. reserve, 140,000 sq. The airfield is north of town as are the many ranges. And they pop up in a lake, or theyll stay just below and not surface. This underground complex is to allow the government of the United States to escape a nuclear attack. [6], According to Emery Smith, underground bases are owned by corporations or unknown entities. Part of your question involves the location of entrances to that base. The next place on the map where an underground base is, is the Chocolate Mts. 34 13.4 N 9201.0W to 3430 N 92 30W. but other things going down there, as Corey can also relate to of working on different types of devices, such as different types of vehicles, number one, space vehicles; also, the medical stuff I talked to you about in the last episodes, with all the storing of cloned bodies and whatnot. I immediately took to fiddling around on the VAX mainframe in my spare time, learning the system and programming various little batch commands to run minor things. China Lake is located 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles on the western edge of California's Mojave Desert. there are people that walk into buildings that take elevators that are service elevators that the rest of the public dont know about. It holds the genetic labs. Some are under UTEP in El Paso, TX. . Of the missing Milk Carton People that the FBI used to post on milk cartons, some were taken to these underground bases for genetic experimentation, microchipping, psychotronic mind control, and cybernetic implantations for future use as brainwashed soldiers of the NWO. Not only did locals not want this airport built nor was it needed, but everything was done to make sure it was built despite that. The underground facility is 88.3 square miles deep. Gaia. The bunker is beneath the West Virginia wing, which includes a complete medical clinic. The water flew 25 feet in the air on impact effectively slowing the sled. Manzano Mtn, near Albuquerque, known as the Kirtland Munitions Storage Complex, Airforce, 3,000-acre base within the Kirtland AFB/Sandia National Labs complex, guarded by 4 lethal rings of fences, use unknown, suspected UFO base. The tunnel system is used to move some of the mind-control sex slaves. Bluemont, Mount Weather base, Federal Preparedness Agency & FEMA, small-city underground, top-secret, staff of several hundred, does secret work for FEMA and contains a complete secret government with the various agencies and cabinet-level ranking administrators that keep their positions for several administrations and help run the United States.98. I find it amazing that so many Americans, Scandanavians, and Western Europeans refuse to believe that there are millions of UNISF and UNMNTF Troops in America. I grew up at China Lake Naval Weapons Center and worked there for years, but . In the times of no internet and nothing else to do there were very limited entertainment opportunities other than partying or riding dirt bikes. PCs were getting faster with larger internal hard drives, more memory, writable CD ROMs, and of course faster CPUs. 802 and the other on Bear Wallow Road, on Viewtree Mountain. Many underground chambers are as large as 50, x 100 . They allowed me to sit on the cockpit which is every young mans dream at one point or another. Sudden destruction is coming and few will escape. That experience went from being really cool to terrifying within seconds when I spotted the Tomahawk. Gwinn, Ml, 46 16.8N 87 26.5 W, near Gwinn is a large underground base which is a key base for sending signals. The walls and ceilings of the tunnels are ceramic tiles with fluorescent lighting recessed into the ceilings. I had to decline, but I wish I could have. . Perhaps my boss sensed that I had more to offer than what met the eye and thats why he hired me, or I just got lucky. That aircraft was indeed old. Scotty's Castle in Death Valley, Bakersfield, Edwards AFB, and Papa Ludo's Store & Tavern (with its secret underground programming center) are all in the vicinity of China Lake and have all been programming sites too. Every so often, the mad scientists and weapons testers down at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake release a montage video of their testing highlights over a period of time, and . 300 pages, color, paperback. 35 20 N., 118 40 W. Trona-35 45.5 N., 117 22.6 W.-several miles northwest of Trona, directly under Argus Peak.