Kids delight in swings. Alicia claimed, "they buy in large quantities so Hot Springs doesn't package them." He took the time to answer all of our questions and leave us feeling confident in our next steps for maintenance.We would not hesitate to buy from Recreation Unlimited in the future! You can tell its a Castle model because of the high deck height, large deck area, and lack of support beams directly underneath the deck. If you buy a product after clicking any of our links we may earn some commission. I was astonished when the next day, instead of a call back, I received a text message that said this was not their problem and to contact the builder of the home! Features include two belt swings . The playset is a place for rest, have fun, and to expand energy by the kids. Most companies manufacturing playsets uses sturdy and strong beam that allow easy swing. Let this be another reminder that the family owned small business isn't always honorable. My experience with them was great. Also the competition charges $449 for bubble panel and they charge $749 (see site below) (they will honor it but then charge you for something else extra). Gorilla Playsets Avalon Swing Set with Wood Roof, Dual Slides and Climbing Rock Wall, Amber. Even dad can swing. We like the large fasteners, larger parts, simple engineering and variety of options. Add. The strength of the materials and the solid beam construction is one of the factors that determine safety of the playset. Both rainbow and gorilla playsets have good sizes of opening and entry that give children and adults the maximum comfort of playing for many years to come without outgrowing your playsets. You can see the extra support beams that frame the picnic table in this model, which means the upper deck has less surface area and expansion points than the Castle models. Rainbow Play Village. $1,799.00. Our aim is to offer you gymnastics advice and fun product reviews in exciting and unique ways. The shed itself is very well built and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It can take several hours to construct, but take your time and try to enjoy the process. KidKraft Outdoor Odyssey Swing Set. The value and your child's safety is well worth it. Fast and efficient.Everything they said would happen happened and happened on time. Heres the standard Rainbow Castle model (Package II, the most popular model). Right into voice mail it way several times!!!! Even though these two playsets look the same, theyre not because of the different materials used in production. However, the Clubhouse models are fantastic for small backyards because they are more compact. So to prevent information overload, well start by highlighting the similarities and differences of two popular brands: Woodplay and Gorilla. There are some gorillas that have slides attached to 7 decks. These include extra swing bars, tire swings, bridges, and periscopes. Easy process and we love our hoop! 5. The spa is great and we use it every night. Thank you.Russ Terito. (1-800-Rainbow). Likewise, the gorilla playsets use the heavy-duty hanger to ensure that children are safe during the swings. The goal can be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. Best Budget Swing Set of 2023 - Belmont Wooden Swing Set. She walked me through the process and explained everything that would happen and I purchased a basketball goal. It also shows the best current deals. All went as I was told it would go. Other popular manufacturers such as Swing Kingdom and Gorilla Playsets which are sold at Home Depot and Lowe's, are either not constructed using real wood (vinyl plastic for Swing Kingdom) or only offer models that your child will outgrow in a few years (Gorilla). Family friendly! Test Drive a Hot Tub in Our Mood Room. I contacted them and recreation unlimited.The next day I received an email from Nicole Whitaker stating that she had contacted the carrier and confirmed it was lost. 5-star experience all around for our new hot tub. Learn More. Gorilla playsets are a little bit less expensive and easier to get your hands on, especially if you are willing to follow the extensive instructions and construct the play set yourself. With Specialized financing on the Goalrilla Hoops, Vuly Trampolines, Rainbow Playsets, and Goalsetter Trampolines. Gorilla use heavy gauge steel support beams and heavy duty cedar wood lumbar across their range of playsets. Advantages of Gorilla Swing Sets. The lumbar used in these swing beams is much thicker and bigger than most playsets and swingsets you can buy online. Natural wood can absorb and release moisture, but the timber shield prevents moisture from being released causing it to rot and become unsafe. Recreation Unlimited is the absolute go to place for basketball hoops, trampolines, and playsets. I recommend buying from competitor and hiring a reasonable and good contractor to install it, whether its a hot tub or play set, you will not regret finding somebody else to purchase from, install, and/or service the warranty.Also buyer beware #2: post installation, YOU are nothing to them but merely a quick buck. Redwood cedar doesnt require any maintenance because it is not chemically heat treated or subjected to chemical heat pressure. Once any beam is cracked or bucked out, then, the safety of the kids is in danger. We called to ask for help if anyone could come assess and Recs gave us the number to a demolition coordinating service. Wooden Swing Sets (110) Vinyl Swing Sets (21) Basketball Hoops (188) Services (2) Commercial Recreation (133) Surfacing (14) Brand. Gorilla playsets are innovative and have fun and exciting designs. The goal is amazing. She told me her hands where tied and this is what she has to go through. Our hot tub was ready ahead of schedule! Again, everything was great from start to finish. 5897 Pfeiffer Rd ste a Give this man a raise already! Its even a safety concern: if there isnt enough deck space, kids could fall off while theyre moving around to make room for others climbing up or down. Bottom line, we are very satisfied and we love our new shed. Gorilla playsets are ready to assemble and you can assemble them yourself if you dont want to pay extra for somebody to assemble them for you. A S. Age Range: 3-10. Finally decided to take the "plunge" and went to Recreation Unlimited. Excellent experience with Recreation Unlimited. I would def recommend and purchase from them again. This process was Great and Extremely easy to complete. Kids like playsets they can actually move around within the rooms. Written by my husband because his review wont post.. see below. If you love to swing slide and climb this is a great playset. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. ).The plan was always to paint over the orange-y cedar, but the project completed early fall, right after Polly arrived and we thought it . Swings enable the kids to learn new things and develop their intellect while playing. Brad has been invaluable in teaching me the art of balancing hot tub chemicals. Our builder explained that due to the fact that our boards are clipped in like tongue and groove flooring, it would require a two man crew two full working days to remove every board until they reached the damaged board. Gorilla players use 44 to construct beams thatll best increase the safety and maximum comfort for the kids. And we play on re-selling when we are finished with it. Highly recommend Angela at RU, she was so kind, educated us, not pushy and got us a great deal. . His tutorial was extremely well organized and thought out. Ask for Roger for installation otherwise avoid their installation services. Gorilla use heavy gauge steel support beams and heavy duty cedar wood lumbar across their range of playsets. These include extra swing bars, tire swings, bridges, and periscopes. The timber shield finish is touted as a zero-maintenance finish, but it can compromise the integrity of the wood over time. This project is sponsored by HANDy Paint Products.. Our swingset is painted! They are very attention and pay attention to details. Really Nice Playset! It's been 15 days since USPS confirmed they received my returned item (a week after ordered, within their return policy) and representative, Alicia has twice ignored my refund request.I ordered via Amazon then returned a Hot Spring Spas Freshwater Ag+ Continuous Silver Ion Sanitizer - 2 Pack because it arrived with no packaging, though it was advertised as new w/ photo in packaging. !The delivery was seamless and extremely impressive. Another store in Florida had told me it would be $99 to ship the same item. Mike in the installation area sent out Brad and Josh to set it up exactly the way we wanted it. Each piece is carefully marked with pre-drilled holes, and comes with easy-to-read instructions. Wood type is a very important factor to consider when determining which playset to purchase for your backyard. The products and service at Recreation Unlimited is exceptional! kids can easily hop into the playsets from the ground floor without stress. Were also lucky because almost every swing set manufacturer tends to describe their base models in similar ways. We had a section of fence removed, a gravel base put down the shed delivered and the fence replaced. (286) Compare Product. Initially, they may all look the same with similar features, but there are some big differences that should be taken into account prior to making a purchasing decision. You can definitely count on Recreation Unlimited for excellent service and fair prices. You would think for $12k they could fix their mistake. I almost bought a 54" backboard but ended up buying a 60" backboard and I am happy I did. Avoid at all costs! These play sets are showcased in the catalog called 2014 Design Book 1. 5 Stars! Shop smarter with our expert guide to the best Gorilla playsets for every kind of budget. The redwood is resistant to rot, decay, insect, and other weather elements. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a shed for their property. This will encourage them to spend more time outside and less time in front of a screen. The quality of Gorilla playsets is similar to those created by Rainbow and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend both brands playsets equally. We never said that!! Let's check out Gorilla vs Rainbow playsets and evaluation a few of their wonderful playsets. She was extremely responsive to e-mails and helped us through last minute changes we wanted to do. Purchase and installation was smooth and easy. After some consideration, I responded with what I believed was a reasonable offer: a signed statement from me, my wife, and our contractor (who represents a multi-million dollar company) stating that the gouges were not present prior to Theo's arrival. This will create an issue as water levels fall during normal operation.I reached out to Recreation Unlimited and spoke to my salesperson and they deferred me to the voicemail of the service department. Add. 3 Steps to Play. This shows that Rainbow playsets are better in term of wood materials used in building the frame. These DIY swing sets come in plastic, metal or wood parts, and they typically require minimal labor and tools. I contacted them because a great friend purchased from them ant told me how great the experience was. 2 Bay ADA Commercial Swing Beam- Installed. Best Cheap "Gathering Spot" Playset of 2023 - Belmont Wooden Swing Set. This was a great experience from start to finish.This also lead me back to them to have a bar built by the swimming pool, this thing turned out Great. I have tried to get them to fix the situation and they are unwilling to accept fault. An online search led us to Recreation Unlimited. Add to Cart. All the other playgrounds and outdoor equipment in our neighborhood stood strong. Should you have any questions about how to choose the perfect playset for your family, give us a call at (317) 773-3545, or better yet, visit our Noblesville showroom to see (and try) the playsets for yourself. We had a Rainbow system installed two days ago - we bought from a local distributor. The payment was to be made directly from one company to another, so I had nothing to gain.Alicia, their service manager, quickly responded that our contractor's estimate was "unreasonable" and declined coverage. Each Gorilla playset is built to the same specs and exact the same amount of quality . Very professional. Youll notice that the Outlook has the four support beams, a picnic table, two swings, and a climbing wall just like the Rainbow Clubhouse model did. Designed for years of birthday parties, play dates and backyard family fun. They want to be able to sell any or all of their play features (which is a catch-all word for slides, swings, wheels, climbing walls, etc.) Very easy to schedule and get setup even during busy holiday months. Comparing the features and quality of the construction of the playsets is the best way to decide on the perfect playset for your family. Women did everything in her power to not allow a refund. "rainbow playset" Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Sets for Backyard, Monkey Bars & Swingset Accessories - Set Includes 18" Trapeze Swing Bar & 48" Heavy Duty Chain . Along with the professional construction that comes with every Rainbow play playset, these are very safe products for children to play on. Linzi was great to work with and was very accommodating with us, as out-of-state customers. Keep in mind, this is only my personal opinion. This is laughable in my experience. So they typically design two or three base plans with standardized attachment points and use those plans, in different sizes, for all of their products. PlayMaker Deluxe Swing Set. And a special shout out to Linzi our sales rep. She did a great job! In general, Gorilla Playsets offer one of the better made "box sets" on the market. There are also different sizes, styles and features to choose from. It has thick canopy that creates shade for the kids and it has coated safe handles that protect your children. The cedar wood roof protects the play deck and provides shade. However, playsets installation is very important. We had a great experience with Recreation Unlimited. The owner refused to cover property damage!I had a fairly positive experience up until I had to have my new hot tub serviced due to a few installation hiccups. Our first contestant will be the Backyard Adventures Olympian Summit 1. This premium cedar wood playset is pre-cut, pre-sanded, pre-stained in your backyard. Tues-Sat 10am - 6pm EST | Sun-Mon: Closed. Beam joints are important aspect of playsets. #dinosaurs #jurassicworld #jurassicworldevolution2Choose the Right Mystery Drink Bottle with Elephant Mammoth Gorilla Cow Hippo Max Level LONG LEGS#dinosaurs. This swing set features heavy-duty monkey bars and an alpine wave slide for hours of excitement. For example, lets look at the two base models Rainbow offers. If your budget has the flexibility it will also be worth checking out Gorilla Playsets. It was so difficult to find much selection in 2021, but we found the perfect hot tub at Recreation Unlimited. The main swing beams are 46 instead of the traditional 44. Gorilla Playsets offer a wide range of jungle gyms that can be anywhere from $1,200 to $6,500. Because of the missing bubble panel it would add another $299 for a grand total of $1100+ for just install costs. 3.8 3.8 out of 5 stars (25) $ 2,275. Heavy 9 Best Gorilla Playsets for Kids: Compare and Save . And they were great to work with. I ended up finding a Gorilla Playset on Craigslist for $400. The installation tech told me that the hot tub plugs into a standard 15amp plug and draws 13amps. Quick View. For example, lets look at the two base models Rainbow offers, Castle and Clubhouse. Setup and training were also outstanding. $1,299.00. The type of wood material used in constructing playsets, is the major factor that determines how safe it will be. The 4 x 4 beams create a sturdy and durable that enable you to add an engaging play features like Rockwalls via big 14 slides, multiple decks, and climbing ramps. Best Basic Swing Set of 2023 - Little Brutus Metal Swing Set. If holes aren't predrilled, the wood that the swingsets are made of can easily crack from drilling, and most of the time this kind of damage isn't covered by the warranty. Recreation Unlimited was great: the saleswoman helped us choose the perfect playset for our kids, and the installers helped us choose the right place for it and explained everything we needed to know. 03/07/2011 14:20 Subject: Re:Wood playsets - Rainbow, Woodplay, . Gorilla offers a 10 year warranty on wood and structure components. We didnt bring the last one with us when we moved, and wanted a bigger one this time anyway.Service was GREAT, from the sales team to the delivery team!!! I would recommend my friends to go through recreation unlimited! Its also very beneficial to visit a showroom or department store to see the structures in person. Working with you guys has been wonderful. Example: we assumed the bubble panel was included but post installation we learned it wasnt. Gorilla playsets use 44 A-frame legs supported with a thick metal bracket for rock-solid construction. Their installation teams have been fantastic to work with as well. Lifetime Lookout Double-Slide Swing Set - Do It Yourself. I told Courtney several times I bought the product off of Recreation Unlimited and not off the Manufacture. or. We love our new spa; it's exactly what we wanted. Linzi and Alicia were so kind and understanding through our waiting. Gorilla Playsets High Point II Wooden Swing Set with Punching Ball, 2 Belt Swings, and Trapeze Bar. We said we believed it was included and we want to reach an agreement where we can meet in the middle, a very reasonable request like not charge anymore in install or cut the cost down because we are adding more items and are going to be returning customers, but that doesnt matter if Alicia, the GM woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.When I spoke with my sales person post installation I agreed to around $5-600 in additional charges to get the bubble panel on our set and change couple things but Instead they want to charge an additional $299 to install. The sales staff laid out the process of getting our Hot Tub. the product has to offer compared to the other overpriced swingsets you find at Costco or the extremely expensive "Rainbow" brand, which you can expect to pay at least double . Instead Im made to feel silly for even asking to at least come to an understanding in order to continue our business relationship in the future. The product is excellent too!!! The goal went up and my son had the biggest smile on his face when he saw it and that's what it's all about. Otherwise they will hurt ur mood by responding with a vindictive undertone and condescending Attitude did you just want us to do the work for free? Save $106.00 (4%) Today $2,445.99. We are extremely satisfied and would highly recommend Recreation Unlimited. All their wood is sanded and the edges are smooth and round so there are no sharp points. This limits the amount of weight and stress on the joint components. When you have multiple children playing on a swingset, ensuring theres enough area for them all to enjoy the swingset at the same time is very important. Would recommend the playset to anyone who is looking. While rainbow playsets slide attached to 5 to 7 decks, this gives the children maximum avenues to have fun. Another feature of playsets is the slides. Backyard Swing Sets. FREE delivery. After spending almost $7,000, I couldn't even receive the dignity of a phone call to talk about the problem. This makes for a much stronger playset overall. Most playset manufacturers make highly modular products. The winds werent even that strong. But when it comes to beam construction, the rainbow and the gorilla playsets maintain the same rule of glues the parts strongly. It was immediately apparent: we were left with two fresh, deep gouges in one of our PVC composite deck boards.After several email exchanges with Recreation Unlimited's service department, we were asked to provide a quote for repair. The slope is very small, however once the tub was full, you could tell it was an issue because one side of the tub was higher in water than the other, and the water was falling away from the filter and pump side. It was clearly the best built shed on the market. Great customer service, fast and efficient! Assembly assistance. Plan to buy a playset next spring from Rec. Jackie was wonderful. Playsets offer more fun when kids can easily swing without using stress. Very patient through all the questions. Everything went smoothly and the kids will enjoy it for years to come. For example, heres a standard model from Backyard Adventures called Olympian Outlook 1. If you are looking for a spa or anything related, give Linzi a call. Or $102.00/mo for 24 months *. Heres the standard Rainbow Castle model (Package II, the most popular model). As a kid from a very large family, I loved my Rainbow Monster Castles deck space because my sisters and I could comfortably have secret meetings in our playset, with extra room for treasure maps and other important documents. At the time of purchase, they walked me through the installation requirements and told me the installation team would be in touch to setup an installation date. I cant say enough about the Customer Care this Team at Recreation Unlimited has shown us. in as much as you want kids it have fun, safety is the number one objective you dont need to play with. Its even sanded twice before it leaves to ensure its smooth and splinter free. giving a tutorial of maintenance, chemicals, and next steps. CRAFTMANSHIP. From Jackie, to Brad at install-all experiences have been fantastic!Highly recommend! A great transaction. These companies create some of the biggest and most exciting adventure playgrounds for your children to play on in the back yard. Great Place to get all of your outdoor recreational needs! Factory-built swing sets are another great option as they only take a few hours to set up, and everything you need is included. So we picked going to Recreation Unlimited specifically because she was so helpful and everything else fell into place and went great! They were gone in less than 30 minutes. We assumed it was included because we upgraded sets 2 times just to have it. This makes the rainbow playsets durable and gives protection to the kids against weather elements. If you have multiple kids, want role-play features like a shop or picnic table, or are concerned with having enough room in the deck area, the Clubhouse models are probably your best bet. Great price, process, products. From the knowledgeable staff selling on the floor, to the friendly office staff to the install guys. The Rainbow models have more deck space, stability, and a better warranty for the same class of product (wood backyard swing sets). Handles and accessories are also positioned in the place most likely to help your children, climb and slide safely.
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