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The Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics (WCAM)

The Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics (WCAM) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides a research facility for microfabrication technologies, products and innovations. In order to give students a state-of-the-art education and to maintain leading-edge research programs, we continue to improve this advanced laboratory.

WCAM maintains a suite of semiconductor and microfabrication processing equipment in a cleanroom laboratory. Access to the lab and to all equipment is available to qualified users from the University of Wisconsin, other education institutions, or industry. WCAM is a cost recovery facility.

The laboratory is located on the third floor of the Engineering Centers Building on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Click here for a searchable UW campus map, or return to the WCAM home page for more contact information.

For use, questions or more information, please contact the DIrector of MRSEC facilities:

Dr. Jerry Hunter (

(608) 263-1073

  1. Four-Point Probe
  2. Aligner for EV 801 Bonder
  3. Aluminum Wedge Bonder
  4. Anneal Oven
  5. Anneal Oven
  6. Automegasamdri 915B Critical Point Dryer
  7. Buffered Oxide Etch Chemical Bench
  8. Chemical Bench
  9. Chemical Bench ("DAE Bench")
  10. Chemical bench (Prefurnace Clean)
  11. Chemical bench for teaching
  12. Chemical bench for teaching
  13. Contact Aligner / IR Back Side Aligner
  14. Contact Aligner / IR Back Side Aligner
  15. Contact Aligner, 3" wafers;
  16. Contact Aligners for 4-inch Wafers
  17. DC Sputterer
  18. Dicing Saws
  19. Die Attacher
  20. E-beam Evaporator
  21. E-Beam Evaporator
  22. E-beam Evaporator
  23. Film Stress Measurement
  24. Filmetrics
  25. Forming Gas Metal Anneal Furnace
  26. Furnace Tube 1
  27. Furnace Tube 3
  28. Furnace Tube 4
  29. Furnace Tube 6
  30. General-Use Steam Oxidation Furnace Tube 2
  31. Gold Ball Bonder
  32. high-density plasma RIE
  33. III-V Semiconductor Chemical Bench
  34. Indium Evaporator
  35. Lithography Ovens
  36. Low-Temperature Oxide Furnace
  37. Metal Etcher
  38. Non-Litho Spinner
  39. Obducat AB Nano Imprint Lithography system - Nanoimprinter
  40. Optical microscope with Camera and PC
  41. Optical microscope with Camera and PC
  42. Photoresist spincoater for teaching
  43. Piranha Bench
  44. PLA-501 Contact Aligner;
  45. Plasma Asher & Stripper
  46. PlasmaTherm
  47. Polysilicon LPCVD Furnace
  48. Probe Station
  49. Programmable Photoresist Spinner #2 - SU8
  50. Programmable Photoresist Spinners #1 and #3 - General Use
  51. Programmable Polymer Oven
  52. Programmable Polymer Oven
  53. Projection Litho Exposure Stepper
  54. Rapid Thermal Annealer
  55. Reactive-Ion Etcher
  56. RF/DC Sputterer
  57. Silicon Deep RIE
  58. Silicon Wet Etch Bench
  59. Solvent Bench
  60. Solvent Benches
  61. Spin-Rinse Dryer
  62. Spin-Rinse Dryer
  63. Spin-Rinse Dryer
  64. Spin-Rinse Dryer (SRD)
  65. SU8 Solvent Bench
  66. Surface Profilometer (2 units)
  67. Thermal Anneal Furnace for Metals ("Aluminum Anneal Tube")
  68. Unaxis 790 RIE
  69. UV-Ozone Stripper/Cleaner
  70. Wafer Bonder
  71. Wafer Scribe
  72. Wet/Dry Oxidation Furnace
  73. Wet/Dry Oxidation Furnace for teaching
  74. Wet/Dry Oxidation Furnace for teaching
  75. Wet/Dry Oxidation Furnace for teaching
  76. Wet/Dry Oxidation Tube, Classroom Bay