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Spring School on Thermal Conductivity and Related Transport Properties of Oxides

May 18-22, 2009.?е║ University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA.?е║ The transport properties of oxides underscore many of the most exciting applications of these complex materials, ranging from solid electrolytes for fuel cells, to the interplay between electrical and thermal transport in thermoelectric oxides, to their use in thermal barrier coatings and potential for first wall materials for fusion reactors as well as for long-term immobilization of radioactive waste. The vitality and breadth of these topics has the consequence that students studying these materials have otherwise little in common. Furthermore, the basic transport properties are rarely the main focus of their research but rather the development of improved materials or behavior in complex environments. So, the objective of this school is to bring together students who are studying various aspects of these materials and provide them with a coherent and sound scientific basis for understanding transport behavior in oxides through lectures and break-out groups in a tutorial system of learning.
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