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The Research Experiences for Teachers (RET)

The CRISP Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) program supports the active involvement of K-12 STEM teachers in materials research in order to bring knowledge of materials science, engineering and technological innovation into their classrooms. The goal of the RET program is to help build long-term collaborative partnerships between K-12 STEM teachers, community college faculty, and the NSF university research community by involving the teachers in engineering research and helping them translate their research experiences and new knowledge of materials science and engineering into classroom activities. A major objective of the MIMER program is to contribute to the improvement of K-12 science education by providing more qualified, socially diverse teachers, and, teacher-developed curriculum on materials science. The MIMER program embodies the National Science Education Standards, in offering professional development that is heavily based on investigations, where current and future teachers have direct contact with phenomena, gather and interpret data using appropriate technology, and are involved in groups working on real, open-ended problems.

At the optical microscope RETs in the lab At the focused ion beam (FIB)
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Research Experience for Teachers (RET)