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Research Experience For High School Students

The CRISP High School (HS) Research Fellowship provides participants with the opportunity to conduct team-based interdisciplinary materials research. Participating students conduct a four-week research project as members of a research team including university faculty, undergraduate and graduate students. Students will be exposed to professional development opportunities through weekly meetings and faculty seminars. The program begins in late June/early July just after the school year ends.

The selection of HS participants is based on a personal statement, academic transcript, resume and one letter of recommendation. Selection is based on the candidate’s motivation, promise for success, and the potential for CRISP to positively impact the student’s abilities and interest in obtaining a graduate degree in the sciences; we especially target student’s from urban school districts. Typically, 2-3 students are selected.

Eligibility - the CRISP HS Fellowship program is open to highly motivated high school students who are rising juniors or seniors, particularly within the New Haven system. Minorities, women and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. US citizenship [or permanent residency] is required. Students participating in the CRISP summer program will be responsible for obtaining transportation to SCSU and Yale for the duration of the program.

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