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2. Princeton Summer School on Condensed Matter Physics (PSSCMP)

PSSCMP 2021: "Novel Excitations in Correlated Materials"

PCCM is hosting a Princeton Summer School on Condensed Matter Physics (PSSCMP) from Monday, June 7 - Friday, June 11, 2021. The program is open to both Princeton and non-Princeton graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the sciences, and is held via a series of webinars.

The summer school is a condensed matter physics education program that focuses on theoretical and experimental research of quantum many-body systems. The theme for 2021 is Novel Excitations in Correlated Materials. The PSSCMP 2021 is FREE and open to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the sciences all over the world. Senior undergraduates are also welcome to participate. Covering both fundamental ideas as well as recent theoretical and experimental results, this summer school will prepare participants for research in the field of quantum materials. Lectures are of pedagogical aim and the organization of all programming is conducted by Princeton graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, with only modest faculty oversight. The PSSCMP will be co-sponsored by the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science (PCTS). Link to the poster.

Confirmed Speakers:
James P. Eisenstein - California Institute of Technology
Joseph Falson, California Institute of Technology
Dmitri Feldman – Brown University
Bertrand I. Halperin - Harvard University
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Patrick A. Lee - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Allan H. MacDonald - The University of Texas at Austin
Steven H. Simon - Oxford University
Sanfeng Wu - Princeton University
Andrea F. Young - University of California, Santa Barbara
Michael P. Zaletel - University of California, Berkeley
Jun Zhu - The Pennsylvania State University

Last year, PSSCMP 2020 had 240 registered attendees and 35 registered poster presenters from all around the world. Likewise, the program hosted 14 total lectures given by 9 speakers from 6 universities.
Video recordings from PSSCMP 2020 are available on YouTube (with almost 6,000 views).



Education Program Type: 
Application Deadline: 
June 3, 2021